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Changing out Bissell carpet cleaner partsis easy enough for most do-it-yourself guys and gals, which is one of the biggest reasons why it makes sense to repair your broken down Bissell steam cleaner or carpetshampooerrather than buying a new one. Plus, the parts are relatively cheap, too; so you won't spend a fortune.But if you're like me, "relatively cheap" isn't the same as "rock bottom cheap." I prefer the latter. Because at the end of the day, I like to know that I'm saving as much money as possible, but also that I'm not pouring a single penny into a carpet cleaner that's already a few years old. I'm guessing you're like me, or you wouldn't be out looking for information on finding Bissell carpet cleaner parts. So without further ado, let's get right to it.Types Of Bissell Replacement PartsAs you can probably imagine, not every part of your Bissell steam cleaner is replaceable, and some are expensive enough to justifyspending the few extra dollars and buying a brand new machine rather thanpatch together an older one. But thankfully those are few and far between, and depending on the exact model of your Bissell steam cleaner or carpet scrubber, ALL of your parts might be replaceable for a very marginal cost.Let's take a look at the most common Bissell replacement carpet cleaner parts that handy DIY folks like yourself replace. Then I'll show you where I go to find the best prices anywhere (well, that I can find anyway).Belts.This is an easy one. If your steam cleaner has a rotating brush, it's likely driven by a belt. This belt can wear out over time and eventually either break or get so loose that it doesn't actually turn the brush roller. If you notice the common "burnt rubber" smell, this is probably your culprit. Bissell carpet cleaner belts are stronger than other carpet cleaners', but be prepared to change this out at least a handful of times.Pumps.The pump is responsible for sucking water and carpet cleaning solution from the reservoirand sending it out under pressure through the jets in front of the steam cleaner or the wand. These rarely make any noise at all (especiallycompared to the vacuum, which I'll explain in a second), so it's hard to tell when it's working or not. The only real way to know if you need a Bissell replacement pump is if water and soap aren't pumping from your carpet cleaner to the rug itself. The "Proheat" model is especially prone to pump breakdowns, so if you have one of these, you can probably expect to belooking for a BissellProheatpump at least once or twice during the life cycle of your appliance.Wheels.All Bissellsuse plastic wheels, which won't last forever. They're pretty tough, but you can almost bet that you'll break on off at some point. Thankfully Bissell carpet cleaner wheels snap right into the wheel hub (getting the old one out is a different story, I usually just drill it out since I'm going to throw the old wheel away anyway).Body Parts (wands, tanks, etc...). I've never had any problems with body damage on any of the Bissell carpet cleaners I've owned, but I do know that the company does make replacements, so I'm guessing they do wear out over time. Afterall, they wouldn't make replacement parts if there was no chance of ever needing them, right?Vacuum. The Vacuum is the loud, noisy contraption responsible for sucking up all the soapy water that the pump sprays out. I've never replaced one, because they aren't the cheapest of the Bissell carpet cleaner parts lineup. Even finding one is like a needle in a haystack (usually it's from somebody parting out their old machine). These are too expensive to replace, often costing more than a brand new carpet cleaner.Jets, Switches, Other Miscellaneous Parts.A ding here, a clog there... it all adds up, and can sometimes wear down the odds and ends parts rather quickly. Thankfully they're relatively easy to replace on all models of Bissells, and are super cheap no matter where you find them.Here are my favorite places to find great deals on the parts I need to get my steam cleaner up and running again, without breaking the bank in the process. I'm listing these in the order I normally search, so I'll start with the first spot in this list, and if I can't find the Bissell carpet cleaner part I need there, I'll move on to the next one.Buy Bissell Replacement Parts Online.I'm a sucker for Amazon, not just because they have the lowest prices of anywhere I've ever looked, but also because they have a huge selectionof, well, everything. As long as you have the part number (it should be on the part somewhere) and the model number of your carpet cleaner, you can almost bet that you'll find what you need here. Plus, they also offer free shippingfrom time to time, so it's a great time to stock up on carpet cleaning solution, too.Vacuum CleanerSpecialty Stores.These kinds of stores generally have repairmen who can diagnose and repair just about anything you bring in, but they'll also be glad to sell you the Bissell carpet cleaner parts directly and let you do the work yourself. If they don't have something, they can generally order it in within a day or two, and can offer you expert advice in the process. It's really not a bad way to go, if it weren't for the fact that the prices are often three times as high as they are at Amazon. But if you get stumped or simply want someone to handle your Bissell carpet cleaner repair for you, it's a great way to go.Now you know the process I go through when shopping for Bissell carpet cleaner parts for my steam cleaners at home, and how I save a few bucks in the process; good luck with your repairs!