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The wife of the founder of Bikram yoga is seeking a divorce settlement afterrape and sexual battery allegations were made against him.Six former students and yoga teachers claimBikram Choudhury, who presides over a yoga empire centred on practicing in 40 C heat, had assaulted them as part of a "Superman" complex he reportedlyhad.Now Rajashree Choudhury, who built the successful "hot" yoga brand with her husband, has filed documents saying she wants to divorce himbecause of irreconcilable differences, the Daily Telegraph has reported.The room is - - heated to about 40 C in hot or "Bikram" yogaThe 50-year-old yogi is also filing for a share of the couple's homes - which includes properties in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Honolulu -which under California divorce law could bring her tens of millions of dollars of the couple's wealth, according to show business site TMZ.Thatlaw states that anything earned while living together is "communal property" and must be shared.Rajashree's decisionis an additional legal challenge to Mr Choudhuryfollowing a set of rape allegations from at least six women, the first of which isdue to go to court next year.Accordingto court papers, he "used his status as a guru to identify and victimise the most vulnerable women from among his flock, grooming - - them, breaking down barriers, and ultimately assaulting them when they were at their most physically, emotionally, or financially vulnerable."The yoga trainer, who came to Los Angeles in 1973 from Kolkata, is also knownfor having likened himself to Superman or Buddha in an interview.He once tolda businessmagazinehis success was because of"balls like atom bombs, two of them, 100 megatons each. Nobody f**** with me."Mr Choudhury has denied the allegations against him, saying they are "disappointing" and "dishonour Bikram yoga," according to the Daily Telegraph.The Independenthas reached out to Mr Choudhury for comment. href='' - -