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** Once again, feel free to PM any suggestions or comments. Saturday night I stuck around my place and played some video games with Jake and college friends online. Hopefully it's formatted correctly - I'm on my phone **
Recap from Part 4: Mike and Elise had some time alone and used it to fool around in the mall parking lot then again in the changing room of a clothing store - with one of the workers.

There was an interesting development when Sean got home on Sunday - something he brought up that put a new spin on the past week and change. It was around 3pm on Sunday when Sean got back from visiting family. After the mall visit where Elise and I hooked up with Becca in the changing room, I dropped her off back at her place then made my way home.

Sean walked in and sat on my bed while facing me (I big booty teen was at my desk). I’m not exactly sure how to phrase it without it sounding weird. It wasn’t until after dinner that Sean’s head poked into my room and he asked if I had a moment. "
Feeling like I wasn’t quite breathing enough, I responded with, "What’s up? We chatted quickly when he passed by my room on the way to his, but we pretty much only said welcome back and how was the weekend.

He took a deep breath and exhaled before continuing, "She brings up having a threesome a lot. My stomach dropped, my face started to feel hot, and I got really worried that this was the moment shit hits the fan. I’d rather it be a girl and all, which she is fine with. But she also wants to try both. "
Sean chuckled nervously before saying, "Well, yeah, I mean, sort of.

All the air I felt I lost came back to me and my face stopped feeling like it was melting off. And I’d rather it be someone I know instead of some random dude at the bar or a friend of a friend. She has said you’re cute in the past and a good roommate. It’s not definite, but if the opportunity comes up… Is this bad?

" The last few words he quickly spat out before standing up. Are you coming to me asking about it? I laughed and got his attention so he didn’t run out of the room. Either with a girl or a guy. I knew it was weird to ask. "So, Elise keeps bringing something up and… This is awkward. I mean, she struts around here in her underwear all the time so it’s not like I haven’t been intrigued.

Elise was trying to get something like this together so that, if it happened, we weren’t exactly crossing boundaries… anymore. Um, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. It was at this point I realized what was happening. "
Hoping to keep this on topic I asked, "So, how eager is she for this to happen?

But when I was at my parents place she was giving all these suggestions for girls and texting things we’d do. "
"Well, she’s mentioned this stuff for awhile now. I would too if she was your girlfriend doing it around me. "No, no, no, it’s fine man. It’s not like I’ve got someone holding me back?

Kinda got me thinking more about it. I guess we just need to figure out the logistics and stuff. "Hah, yeah, I’ve seen you glance over a few times. "Hah, you read my mind. "
I laughed at his observation because it was pretty much right in line with what I was thinking. "Don’t worry - no crossing swords. Well, just shout if it comes up again. "
Sean looked at me and laughed.

I thought about not being in the room, but that might be more weird to just walk out of the room taking turns… so to speak. If this worked out I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad about everything that’d happened so far - although it was still shitty of me to tread this path. After Sean left, I got a text from Elise. Sean said you were in.

This could be amazing! "
Sean left my room and soon the house. I realized that things were actually coming together. I’ve fingered myself to the thought of you two at the same time for weeks! Well, now we just need to figure out when/where.

Kudos for setting it up and getting the ball rolling. E: I’m working on something now. I think everyone will enjoy it. Thanks for being cool about it. M: You have me intrigued. The next week passed pretty quickly and nothing noteworthy happened. Sean joked about the encounter one of the nights when we were both making food in the kitchen. E: Keep tomorrow night open. It wasn’t until Thursday that anything substantial happened.

A few texts back and forth with Elise, but I was just trying to get her to spill the beans on her plans. I’m heading over to her place though, we’ll talk later. "Yeah, she just said keep tomorrow night open? Guess we’ll find out tomorrow? "

Friday arrived and with it a text from Elise.

Shrugging with him I said, "Ditto. Shortly after that I got a text from Sean. S: So, we’re meeting at Elise’s house at 7. After work, Sean asked me if Elise had texted about tomorrow. I tried to get her to tell me more but she was radio silent. If you haven’t tried chasing a shot of tequila with an orange slice + cinnamon on top… you need to try it.

Cuts any bad taste from the tequila and tastes great as well. After getting home, I ate some food, chopped orange slices into a tupperware bin and then took a very thorough shower. On the way home from work, I picked up a decent tequila, oranges, and cinnamon powder.

I already had some weed at home along with a little pipe I could bring. When 6:45pm came, I put everything in a grocery bag and we both walked to the car. I have no clue what she has planned. " He asked me as we both laughed. The ride was short and for the most part we just listened to music. The tension was pretty high and the only thing we could do to try and ease it was music and a joke or two about how crazy this was.

He took a deep breath and asked, "It’ll be fine afterwards right? S: How about tequila and weed? "
"Well, no, but you’ve told the story a few times. "
Laughing, I said, "It’s no big booty teen deal. As soon as I walked out, Sean was waiting in line to do the same. "
Sean belted out a laugh, "Oh man. Remember in college when I had to carry your naked ass from the dorm shower all the way to your bed?

When we reached the steps, I noticed the door was slightly open - a glance at Sean showed he noticed as well. " We continued laughing as we exited the car and made our way to the front door. Both of us stepped into her place and read the paper taped on the wall in front of us, "Go to the family room. When we got to Elise’s place, Sean didn’t move from behind the driver seat after parking.

I looked at him and responded with, "Yeah dude, it’ll be fine. And not how gigantic my dick is compared to yours. " Weaving around his body, I looked into the family room and repeated his exact word. Elise was standing in the middle of the family room wearing a pair of lacy pink bra and panties.

Next to her was Becca, the worker from the mall, wearing a similar set of lacy bra and panties but light blue. " So she left us breadcrumbs? The lights were on low and some music was playing in the background. Why not ease into a threesome by having a foursome? I managed to convince her to join us to make things a bit more interesting.

Elise spoke first, "Sean and Mike, this is my friend Becca. I almost ran into him when he stopped suddenly and said, "Whoa. Elise noticed my expression and simply winked at me. "
I had raised my eyebrows at their words - because I’d already been naked in front of both of them at the same time.

Sean (not holding a bag full of tequila, weed, oranges, and cinnamon) shrugged and lead the way through the front hallway. I laughed at his delivery and said, "Along with orange slices and cinnamon. I walked up to Becca and put out my hand with a smile, "Hi, I’m Mike - nice to meet you. "
Becca looked at her and smiled, "Managed to convince me? "Mike brought tequila and weed," Sean blurted this out rapidly - I think he was a bit overwhelmed with two beautiful ladies standing in front of him in their underwear.

" Sean grabbed the bag from me as he and Elise walked back into the kitchen. Don’t worry, Elise said to keep things quiet about knowing each other… for obvious reasons. I’m surprised you joined though - I figured you were in it for Elise at the store. But I go both Zishy Images ways and today I’d like to try you out.

"Well, she looked simply edible that day. " She laughed and said, "It was an easy sell. " She emphasized her last sentence with a hand on my chest and one lightly squeezing my rapidly growing dick. "
Becca smiled seductively at me and closed the gap between us. Elise said that as well.

"Well, I aim to please. She is a tall, skinny-ish girl with a fairly petite body. Her blonde hair was loose and hung around her shoulders with a bit of waviness and slightly darkened roots (her eyebrows were lighter so I’d assume she’s a natural blonde). Her lips looked natural with only a slight sheen from chap stick - no lipstick enhancing the color that was already a perfect shade of light red.

Before I continue, I’ll try and paint a picture of Becca. Becca’s skin was the peachy color of a girl who normally soaks in the sun in the summer, but had lost some of it in these winter months. Now her ass, this I knew was great because I’d already seen her profile when we walked in. It wouldn’t compared with a girl in a Sir Mix-A-Lot video, but it had more than enough to cushion the pushin and sink my fingers into.

A smooth and elegant neck lead to probably B-sized breasts, a flat tummy, innie belly-button, and what I’ll imagine is a beautiful panty-clad pussy. As they were pouring on the cinnamon, I packed the bowl in case we wanted some weed as well. Sean stole the first toast with, "To beautiful ladies in underwear! Becca’s eyes lit up a bit as I was getting the pipe ready, so I had a feeling I would most likely be smoking with her later.

Although a few inches shorter than me, she had some height on Elise - for comparison. " We all laughed and took the shots/oranges. "
Grabbing my hand, Becca lead me to the family room and went right to the laptop that was plugged into the speakers. Turning to me she suggested, "Mike, come with me and help me pick out a song. Walking together to the kitchen, we saw that Elise and Sean had set up multiple shots and the orange slices.

"Before you can suggest something, you have to be in your underwear as well. "Wow, that’s actually a good finisher for tequila," Becca said with an impressed look on her face. I kneeled on the ground behind her and reached around slowly. Becca leaned her body back against my chest as my hand slid around her side. " I’d like to the think I pulled a Bruce Almighty and just shed my clothes instantly - that was about as fast as I disrobed after what she said.

So, what are you thinking? But then I continued forward and placed my fingers on the laptop’s touchpad. " This last part she sort of breathed into my ear (which was to the side of her face) and lightly ran her nails along my thighs. How about… The Black Keys? Soon enough the shots were ready and we all picked up a glass and raised them.

" I felt her warm breath on my neck followed by a kiss. Laughing, Becca said, "Well, I guess I did say we were picking music. Something with a good beat, but not too slow. Our lips met and our tongues danced as my hands gripped her waist on either side. " I already had my cursor on "Howlin’ For You". Then a warm tongue sliding up to my ear.

We both moaned at the same time into each others mouths eliciting an echoed chuckle as well. Quickly tapping the song to play, I tapped a few times on the volume up key, then turned to Becca. I turned us together until we were facing each other. My hardened dick was pressed against her upper stomach and my hands slid down to her panty-covered ass to pull her tighter against me - I was right, my fingers sunk into her cheeks just as I’d imagined.

After a slight shift with my legs, I lifted her with me as I stood - eliciting a "weee" from her in the process. Continuing to kiss, I moved her arms around my shoulders, then grabbed just under her butt and started lifting. I slowly walked her to the couch and kneeled on the cushions sideways. As I rose up, she wrapped her legs securely around my waist and trapped my cock between my stomach and her very warm panty-covered pussy.

Becca’s hands slide from behind my elbows, up my the back of my arms, and then down my back before pulled me forward into her. "
I smiled as well before leaning forward and landing a kiss on the side of her neck. With a big smile, Becca looked into my eyes and said, "Nice moves slick.

As I moved my lips further up her body to her ear, I lead her slowly backwards to the couch arm rest before whispering, "this. Her butt ended up on the cushion with her legs still around my waist. "
My hands slid upwards on her thighs which were still around my waist as my lips kissed south to her collarbone then upper chest.

I used her newfound resting spot to my advantage and freed my hand to unsnap her bra from the back. I added a light bite every so often that seemed to be well-received judging by how hard her fingers dug into my shoulders. Seeing where I was going, Becca relaxed her thighs around my waist and pulled her legs toward her chest.

When I switched to her right nipple, I moved my hands down to her hips and grasped the sides of her underwear. Soon enough my hands stroked her sides as my lips trapped her left nipple. Looking down I realized I couldn’t confirm the status of her natural hair because she was completely shaved.

Her inner lips were out and showing a little bit - begging to be taken care of. I was more than willing so I met her eyes and lowered my head down. Using the opening, I sat up a bit and swiftly moved her underwear up then off her legs. I could only raise my eyebrows at her before she said, "I have an idea.

But you have to take off your boxers and lay down, on the ground, on your back. Another minute or so of kissing and I leaned down a bit so she was slightly above me. Becca then stepped to where she was standing just above my head and kneeled down on either side of me. I had a brief moment of eye contact with her above me before she winked and moved her pussy just above my face so I was staring directly into heaven.

Seconds later I was on the living room carpet, naked, and looking up at her. But her hands reached out and held my head still. Before I let my digits do their best, I flattened my tongue and put pressure up as I licked from her clit at the top (bottom from my perspective) then down to the bottom before straightening my tongue and pushing forward a little inside of her. My left hand grabbed her hip and I brought my right arm under and around her leg so I could make use of my fingers.

I felt her legs tremble and heard a shuddered breath get pulled in above me. She wrapped both hands around my shaft and began to stroke in smaller circles while occasionally using one hands to massage my balls. Since she started using her hands, I quickly wet my middle finger in my mouth before slowly sliding it inside her already moist tunnel.

" She moaned out loud before silencing herself to a hum by taking my cock into her mouth. "Ready and waiting I see," she observed while looking at my bobbing dick. Although my hand’s angle was a little off, I tried to curl my middle finger as much as possible while sliding it in and out. Becca’s hands slid down and rubbed my thighs and lower stomach while her warm lips plunged up and down on my cock.

My tongue would dart out and swirl as I kissed around her areola. Both of us were getting lost in our actions and the feelings from each other's mouths and hands. A minute or two later, I added my ring finger as well in tandem with my tongue which was flicking and pressing on her clit. As I continued to use just my tongue, I felt her hands rest on the top of my chest before sliding down to my stomach, then around my hips, before encircling my cock with both hands.

All I was focused on was the beautiful pink pussy in front of me, the wet lips which flowed to the side as my tongue passed through, and the increasing wetness around my plunging fingers. But Becca, who was by now breathing heavily with my dick removed from her mouth, said, "I couldn’t resist. I felt her tongue sliding around the top of my shaft and swirling my head. The two of us continued with only the sounds of lips smacking, tongues flicking, and the sliding of her hands on my skin.

I felt her hand grab my thighs and press down as her weight shifted forward. I’d been thinking about this since you messaged me earli - ohhhh oh oh. "Well, you two wasted no time. "
Her words trailed away as her orgasm approached. "
I didn’t exactly have the freedom to move my head and look over, so I just kept doing what I was doing.

A second later, Becca’s breathing became muffled and small moans were interspersed with wet smacking of lips. " I felt her warm labored breath on my right thigh so she must have leaned even further forward. That’s hot," I heard big booty teen Sean say out loud. " Becca mumbled into Elise’s mouth as I continued my pace down below. Then I felt warmth near my right leg and a breeze of air. Feeling her body tremble more and more around me, I quickened the pace of my fingers, wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked in while my tongue made small flicks on the nub in my mouth.

More so to get a reaction out of her, I moved my left hand from her thigh and sliding my thumb from the top of her butt down her ass until I pressed on (but not in) her little star. Becca’s calves clamped tight around my head and I stopped hearing much at all.

Her fingers dug into my legs painfully. Almost like hearing someone under water, I could barely make out Becca saying she was coming through the vibrations in her legs. Becca’s weight rested on mine before she rolled to the side so she wa laying next to me.

I slowed my tongue to small circles and my right hand had stopped moving when her legs locked my arm in place. I essentially pressed the orgasm button. Elise still had her underwear on and Sean was fully clothed with an obvious tent in his jeans. " Over her shoulder I saw Sean give me a thumbs up.

That’s when I was able to see a kneeling Elise and a standing Sean both smiling. I thought she was going to bite my tongue off. Elise crawled over to Becca and was rubbing her stomach and whispering to her. Soon enough her legs relaxed and I felt her whole body shift forward so my fingers and mouth were uncovered but still glistening.

Sean and I both chuckled from their reactions. " Becca said between breaths. "So… should I put on my boxers again? Elise had a smile on her face as she crawled on all fours over to Sean (I was standing kind of near him now). "Let’s get these pants off," she said as she began undoing his belt.

After his pants were in a pile next to him, Elise stripped down completely before getting back on her knees in front of Sean. I simply curled my two fingers back and forth inside of her, stroking the inside of her pussy. "I’ll be there in a moment," Becca breathed out from her position on the floor. A couple seconds later and Elise was bobbing her head up and down on Sean just two feet next to me.

I realized this would take a little getting used to, but what quickly helped was watching Becca crawl over to me, naked, with a fire in her eyes. Becca was slowly moving from her prone position and I just stood there awkwardly as things happened next to me. "Your turn," she said to me with a smile before engulfing my cock head in her mouth and stroking my shaft with her right hand.

" Both Elise and Becca said this at the same time. Becca’s left hand slid up my thigh before cupping my balls and tickling with her fingertips. At one point I looked up at Sean and he just shrugged at me with an embarrassed smile.

And that lead to one of the more erotic things I’ve seen - the girls both smiled at each other with a cock in their mouths. Adding a bit of comedy to the erotic scene in front of us, I looked over at Sean and we both had huge smiles of surprise on our faces (we essentially looked like this emoji ).

Her tongue was swiping side to side under my head hitting the sensitive spot over and over again. At one point, Elise took her mouth off of Sean and looked at me. Now that I was free, I shakily stood up and began to feel a little self conscious since I was the only guy naked. Soon I put my hand on Becca’s head and began guiding her up and down on my dick which elicited a moan from both of us.

Becca mostly kept eye contact with me as she slurped and swirled, but at one point she turned her head slightly and looked at Elise who happened to look over as well. "
"How hot would it be if you two came at the same time? When we were on the ground I was already pretty close. He said, "Well I’m not too far off.

"Are you pretty close? "
Becca took her mouth of me and had a wide smile on her face, "That would be amazing. Becca quickly said yes exuberantly. Shortly after Sean and Elise were doing the same. "
The girls got right back to work and seemed to double their efforts. Just when I was about to call out, Sean gasped out, "I’m close.

I looked at Sean and shrugged. "
Elise leaned toward Becca who did the same and whispered something into her ear. Elise looked back at me then Sean and said, "Let us know when you’re close. "On us," was all Elise said as the two of them smiled up at us while grasping left and right hands in between them. Their outer hands both went between their own legs and began rubbing their clit (Becca) or pumping in and out (Elise).

" I quickly said the same and the girls both pulled away and laid back on the ground shoulder-to-shoulder. Sean followed soon after and pumped a stream onto the middle of Elise’s stomach and then another on her right breast. Both of us managed a few more spurts landing with the others before our strokes slowed down.

Sean and I quickly dropped to our knees in between our partners’ legs and began to stroke only two feet above them. The girls were giggling next to each other and Becca said, "Yup, that was hot. Within moments I was trying as hard as I could to hold back and match Sean, but it felt like a losing battle.

Becca scooped a little on her finger and brought it to Elise who quickly wrapped her mouth around Becca’s finger. "
The girls were laying on the ground contently - still holding hands. "Damn," I said while watching the sapphic scene in front of me. Their free hands had moved up and were lazily swirling around in the cum splattered across their bodies.

Elise then did the same thing to Becca while keeping the finger in her mouth. Sean followed my verbal disbelief with, "I know. I leaned down and began kissing Becca as my cock rested on her lower stomach. "
The girls soon released each other’s fingers and looked at Sean and I kneeling in front of them.

Becca reached out and grasped my still fairly hard dick and said to me, "I know what I want next. " I whispered to Becca. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a similar thing happening next to me. " To emphasize her point, she wrapped her legs around my waist and began to pull me toward her. With a big booty teen smile and her arms wrapping around my neck, she whispered back, "Yes please.


/u/brandnewmasonjar I was the first to start shooting and launched two quick streams that landed across Becca’s left breast and then in the middle between the two.