Biden to anchor: Is that a real question? CNN Political Ticker

Sen. Biden had an interview with Barbara West Thursday.(CNN) An interview Sen. Joe Biden did with an Orlando television station is making headlines Sunday, after the reporter asked if Sen. Barack Obama's now - - famous conversation with 'Joe the plumber' about 'spreading the wealth' made the Democratic nominee seem like he was adopting Marxist principles."You may recognize this famous quote," WFTV Anchor Barbara West told Biden on Thursday. "From each according to his abilities to each according to his needs, that's from Karl Marx. How is Senator Obama not being a Marxist if he intends to spread the wealth around?"Biden laughed himself out of the unusually tough interview asking in response, "are you joking? Is this a joke?""No," responds West."Is that a real question?" Biden continues."That's a question." West said.With a chuckle, Biden firmly tells West, "He is not spreading the wealth around. He's talking about giving the middle class an opportunity to get back the tax breaks they used to have.""We think middle class tax payers should get a break, that's what we think," Biden added. "That's a ridiculous comparison with all due respect."Obama has responded numerous times since his October 12 meeting with Joe Wurzelbacher in Toledo, Ohio that the conversation was taken out of context.Since the final presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, 'Joe the plumber' references have been a common line of attack from Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin - telling voters - Obama plans to tax the American people.WFTV's news director told Conde Nast that West had not been inappropriately tough, citing an even tougher interview she did with John McCain.