In May, I was scammed by a posting on Craigslist Paris and advertising a room for rent in Paris and lost $2,500.The fraud was extremely elaborate. It involved a real but stolen passport, a doctored gas bill, a detailed contract (which was even approved by my solicitor) and many other fabricated documents.Because it was such a thorough deceit I detected nothing until Ann Clare Collings emailed and said that she needed another $2,000 immediately to hold the place. My heart sank!! I did some digging and discovered everything was a lie.For the past month I have been trawling Craigslist and and the number of scams is phenomenal. Please be careful!!!! I have been flagging these ads as much as I can but it's really hard to keep up.they are posted daily. I have posted numerous warnings on Craigslist and it seems that the scammers are now flagging mine as the majority of them have been pulled down. Quite incredible the lengths that these fraudsters go to!!!A few hard and fast rules:1. NEVER transfer money via Western Union or other wire transfer services if they ask for money this way IT IS A SCAM!2. Learn to track the IP address - this will tell you where the emails are coming from. More often that not they are coming from the UK and Nigeria. In your email program select "Show Full Headers", "Display Long Headers" or something similar. Select the IP address (it will look something like and sits at the bottom of the header next to Received from) and do a search on Gmail is often used as these emails do not show the IP address and therefore are impossible to track. BE VERY CAUTIOUS!!!3. Any mention of Nigeria, West Africa etc - RUN!!!4. If you notice ads/emails with poor spelling, bad grammar and strangely worded sentences - BE ALERT!!5. Scammers often provide a lot more information than is required or expected in rental transactions. They say they are religious, that they do charity work and that they have endured tragedy, all to pull you in, make you feel sympathetic and heighten your vulnerability!! This is when bad decisions are made and fraudsters are very clever at capitalising on this. Don't - Dani Jensen - fall for it!!6. Go over the property description, location and price with a fine tooth comb. Do your research on similar properties in the same area. Scammers often include "too good to be true" features of the property e.g. This Paris apartment offers 2 car spaces? This studio has a spa? ALL LIES!!!7. Follow your instincts if something doesnt feel right its probably not!DO NOT DEAL WITH THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE they are all proven fraudsters, mostly working out of Nigeria and the UK:o Ann Clare Collings (this is the person who scammed me, she also goes under the name of Tara Collings, Clare Collings and is linked to Hilton Kurth too)o Clare Collingso Hilton Kurtho Tara Collingso Norberto Lopezo Nicholas Mestaso Yara Limboo Fred Bonvarleto Steve Batto Bruce Mauriceo Debbie Philipso Armel Alain Bortiero Diana Williamso Marie Millecampso Laurent Bizeto Williams Harryo Edouardo Martelo Mr. Smith Rollando Sarah Doyleo Sarah Hanseno Chelsea Bluessportso Jean Loux o Herrerias Stephanis o Mary Arteda o Alexandra Martine o Sandra Rolando Chloe Hourdeo Anna Liffeyo Diette Clemenceo Nedved Henricko Laurie Paucoto Sam McMahono Sue Williamso Michael Alano Harry Lindsayo Harry Lawrenceo Wilfred Johnsono Dennis Stellao Sonja Spengero Karleigh Antello Astrid Marie Sophieo Stephanie PeerThey email from the following addresses:o o cc_llings@yahoo.como yara_limbo@yahoo.como fred.mixhair@hotmail.como clare_colli88@yahoo.como bibanke000@yahoo.como boutier_armelalain@yahoo.como lopeznor1@yahoo.como alex_88_001@yahoo.como sarrah_hansen_555@yahoo.como herr_step88@yahoo.como mm_2_sm@hotmail.como louxjean@yahoo.como w_harry112@gmail.como hilkurt_ryte@yahoo.como dianawilliams66@yahoo.como paristrocadero@gmail.como webloveletters@gmail.como viproomchampselysees@gmail.como parisurmode@gmail.como arsenalport@gmail.como paris_flat_venge@yahoo.frLOOK OUT for ads posted using,,, and person posts virtually identical ads under these email addresses every couple of days. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION refer to this very helpful website and learn how to protect yourself against fraud you too have been a victim of fraud please send me the name and email address of the person that defrauded you so I can add it to my list. If you could also forward me any email correspondence you had with them with the long header (so I can see the IP address) that would be fantastic.BE CAREFUL!!!!!!