Better Than I Thought

Well I thought that over the last month or so I had been doing terribly with losing weight. Absolutely terribly. I thought I had lost a kilo or maybe two which was progress but not what I wanted. Then I looked on here to vent about my lack of progress to realise that I wasn't 81.3kg to start off with but rather 83.1. WOW! I've lost 4.1kg over about a month and a half. WOW! I've never lost that much weight in one go. Normally after three weeks I'm right back to my old habits. This is definitely going to be spurring me onwards and downwards! :P
Well I think a big help has been starting adults ballet classes. I thought it would be heaps of fun which it is. But what I forgot since ten years ago when I gave up ballet as a child was that its a lot harder on your body than what I thought. I remembered it being all technique and timing but I completely had forgotten how much each muscle gets stretched and toned. And since we do a lot of floor work in front of a mirror, every week I get to really see how big I truly am. Thus, I'm motivated each week to lose more and be smaller.
Well. Time to get back to my other dealings. I need another/new job as my little casual job isn't bringing in enough to pay for all my bills. And boy have the medical bills stacked up. To make it worse, my eyes are now really bad and I desperately need to get to an optometrist but I just don't have the cash. So time to get back to working my arse off every minute that I possibly can and maybe I can save to move out of home and get some independence.
Chat later. Keep smiling everyone!