Best Zerglings Rush Build Order Strategy In Starcraft 2 - Top Shokz Sc2 Zerg Strategies

I know how irritating it can be to constantly end up at the bottom of the leader board after every game. I decided to write this article because I'm going to basically be playing the game for you with all of these important strategies that I'm about to share with you. I would like to point out at this point I'm not the best gamer in the world and I most likely never will be. Having said that, I often find myself near the uppermost end of the leader board in each and every game I take part in.

Perks also play a large function in figuring out your online score. To start off with I recommend using the Ghost Perk, Warlord and Ninja. The ghost perk turns you invisible to uav jobs, Warlord lets you to use 2 attachments and Ninja helps you to be extra sneaky and stops enemy players from hearing you when you are strolling around the map.

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Use your Vikings to control air and keep up the harassment. Land behind the Zerg mineral patches to take out uav jobs. When ground units come take off and move to an expansion to do the same. When you establish map control, keep expanding and adding on Starports. Make two Armories as well to start upgrading your air weapons and armor.

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