Best Ways to Reduce PDF Files

In our daily work, you maybe also met the problem that when you try to upload a scanned copy of your PDF file to your ipad, you find the PDF files are too large to put on ipad properly. In this case, we have to make our big pdf files into a small one.There are a couple things you can do. 1) There is the "reduce file size" option in Acrobat, which I believe is under file. 2) I am guessing there are photos/images that are making your PDF so large. You need to make those gif files before placing in Acrobat. If you have Photoshop, that is easily done. If you don't, here's a some other free tools to help you make your pdf files smaller.Compress to ZipThis way might be the simpliest way to shrink a PDF file size if your PDF file is only a litter bigger than what you can accept, for it can only reduce a little file size. For those PDF files which are ready for uploading as attachment through email, it's can be tried in the first place. Just right-click the terget file and choose to zip it.Free PDF Compressor This program is now shareware but the link provided leads to the last freeware version. It is pretty much just an executable that does a decent job at reducing PDF file sizes. In my tests, this program managed to reduce a 50MB PDF file to 45MB, with the maximum compression level, at an impressive speed (almost instant conversion).Use Preview on MacIf you are using Mac OS and your PDF is filled with images, you can also try re-compressing it via the "Save As" command in the Preview application. Just do as the following steps - open PDF with Preview, go to File menu and click "Save as", then change the "Format" to JPG and set a quality/compression level. The lower you pick for quality, the smaller the pdf file will be. That's it.More hot reading:How to change text to pdfHow to convert image to pdf on mac