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Two straps go over the back and attach to the middle of the back for a comfortable fit. This form-fitting strapless gown flows to the floor and has ruffles in the back to make you look sleek and stylish. This strapless dress lets you do whatever you want with your hair and neck for only $158. For 2010, designers have gone all out from top of the line pieces to bargain dresses for the economical shopper. For $550, you will be the princess at the ball that everyone watches as she dances with Prince Charming.We will start with David's Prom, the arm of David's Bridal that specializes in prom dresses. Sparkling crystals form a lovely pattern above the waist and the low back line leaves plenty to play around with regarding accessories. This is Cinderella's dress, and it comes in four colors. You can still move well in this dress and have floor-length elegance with this excellent all-around prom gown.Prom dresses will always have different styles and different ways to wear them. This night moves dress is $310.This purple and blue strapless number is perfect for blue eyes or if you are just a fan of purple. Prints are in, and this purple and blue dress is simple, wavy, classy, and elegant all rolled into one. If you have blue or brown eyes, this dress will make them come out of the darkness and add to the austerity of this underwater motif. These dresses will make whoever wears them the talk of the evening as they bring out the natural beauty of your prom queen. - New York Prom Dresses - Cassandra Stone has some of the best prom dresses you will find, and this MacDuggal prom dress has ruffles from waist to floor and sparkling gems above the belt. If black is your color, this knee-length dress from Christina Gowns is beautiful with a red accent around the waist. Whatever you decide to wear, here are some of the most beautiful prom dresses you can find this prom season no matter the size, color, fabric, or length. TJ Formal sells this Paris prom dress for $378 that has a slit for the legs, sash for the belt, and beads above the waist to make this dress sparkle. This dress is easily adds accessories and shoes that makes whatever you do best even better. - newyorkdress prom dresses - The Prom Dress Shop has many prom dresses and is one of the best places to find a gown. This dress sells for $229.