Best Minimalist Running Shoes: Trail Running

New Balance Minimus Zero Trail The Minimus Zero Trail is a flyweight trail running shoe built with only what is absolutely necessary on and under the foot. The new Vibram T-Lite outsole was designed after analyzing the wear patterns on used MT10s. The designer methodically reviewed the wear on each lug across dozens of used shoes. The results dictated the less-is-more inspired lug placement on the Trail Zero. The unique webbed midsole (Acteva) pattern was designed to create small, cushioning pods that can move independently. Merrell Trail Glove (Pace Glove for women) Less is definitely more exploring with Merrell Vibram-soled Trail Glove natural adventure shoe. All the protection your feet need from rocks and roots, and an ultra-lightweight upper with a synthetic leather foot sling for stability fits like a glove. For more, visit

How To Find The Best Running Shoes

But as dedicated runners know, finding the right running shoe is a different story. Behind the flashy colors and designs, there are some key elements to a running shoe that can make one type of shoe a great match for one runner and yet completely wrong for another. At speciality running shops, employees will size a runner's feet and watch their natural stride to observe their level of pronation, or the way the foot rolls when it strikes the ground. Based on a person's pronation, they'll need either a neutral, stability or motion-control shoe. Running shoes can be a pricey investment, but finding the right pair is worth it. However, that perfect pair is different for everyone, and in the wake of the barefoot running trend (covered extensively by Runner's World), the role of running shoes in injury prevention has been called into question , reports the New York Times. Watch the video for more helpful tips for picking the best shoe for you -- including how to avoid painful blisters. For more, visit