Best Minimalist Running Shoes: Road Running

Or you're more likely to purchase a shoe based on the recommendation of the salesperson. Unfortunately, the whole shoe fitting process for minimal shoes is not something the salesperson might be exposed to. The traditional way of running shoe fitting does not work so buyer beware. To save the runner some money and headaches or worse yet, injuries, up front, our list of the best minimalist running shoes or barefoot-style running shoes follows. These are minimal road running shoes designed specifically for asphalt, concrete, or hard and moderately flat surfaces. Some of the road shoes can also be used for moderate trails. SKORA FORM SKORA FORM is built on a platform composed of the REALFIT last, developed to offer a unique anatomical fit that closely matches the foot's shape. For more, visit

Best Barefoot Running Shoes: Vibram FiveFingers, Newton, Nike Free, Kigo, Feelmax

Added plus: it's eco-friendly. Kigo shoes are made using recycled materials and water-based glues. 1 / 5 Newton All-Weather Trainer Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 While the Newton All-Weather Trainer ($175) may look like a normal running shoe, it's anything but. All Newton shoes encourage you to run on your midfoot/forefoot and keep you upright to discourage heel-strikes. The All-Weather Trainers are a great shoe regardless of what type of runner you are. Some key features: a grippy sole and antibacterial and moisture-wicking sockliners. What's great about the entire Newton line is that there is a shoe for everyone, whether a beginner or marathon runner . 2 / 5 Feelmax Niesa Whats Your Reaction? For more, visit