Best Jeff Bridges Movies -- the Comedies

So, without further fanfare, here are1. The Big Lebowski, 1998, playing Jeffrey Lebowski, AKA The Dude.Synopsis: A case of mistaken identity causes Jeffrey Lebowski, The Dude, to meet a millionaire in town who shares his name. Shortly afterwards, the millionaire is in need of assistance and calls upon the Dude.Starring: Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tara Reid, Sam Elliot.The Dude first appears on screen wearing an outfit reminiscent of Steve Martin's I don't need anything look in The Jerk. He is in Ralph's grocery store, where he pulls a carton of milk from the shelf and proceeds to drink from it. The Dude spends his days bowling with his unstable friend Walter(Goodman) and drinking White Russians which he sometimes calls Caucasians.One night Dude is attacked in his home. The attackers are seeking payment of a great deal of money that Jeffrey Lebowski owes them. As one attacker holds Dude down, the other urinates on his Living Room rug. It is soon apparent, even to the dim-witted attackers that The Dude is not the millionaire Jeffery Lebowski whose wife owes them money.The Dude is unhappy about his rug, which he threw out after the incident. He decides that the millionaire owes him for the rug and goes to collect. The millionaire (the titular Big Lebowski) refuses to pay and while leaving the mansion Dude steals a rug of his which he assures the staff Big Lebowski has given him. Later, when Big Lebowski's wife Bunny(Reid) is kidnapped, he summons The Dude to make the money drop to - - the kidnappers. Then, as I'm fond of saying satirically, hilarity ensues.The Best: The Dude is summoned to Maude(Moore) Lebowski's house. Once at the house, he enters into a large empty hallway that is very dark. There is a light at the end where a painted canvas seems to be angled on the floor. Very strange music is playing -- it is two female voices who seem to be saying "Hiya" over and over. Suddenly there is a loud rumbling from behind Dude. He turns in alarm to find a naked Maude in a harness, apparently suspended from the ceiling, flailing her arms and flying straight towards him. Dude ducks as she passes over and manages to get a few splashes of green paint from the brushes in her hands on the canvas.