Best HBO Series On DVD

For You Ever Expanding DVD CollectionSome people have the movie channels, and some people dont. Those who do know how amazing channels like HBO and Showtime can be when there is nothing on regular - latino tranny webcams - TV. Whether you are a long time HBO enthusiast or someone who has never believed in purchasing the premium channels, the following DVDs will make excellent additions to your collection.OzOz premiered in the summer of 1997 and ran for six straight seasons. It was about a maximum-security prison called the Oswald State Correctional Facility (a.k.a., Oz). Narrated by a wheelchair bound inmate named Augustus Hill who sometimes breaks the fourth wall by addressing the audience directly, the show centers around one unit of the prison that is extremely controlled and filled with dangerous groups and individuals from varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Its a gritty account of what goes on behind the bars when murderers and felons struggle for power, drugs and freedom, and its definitely worth checking out. If youre in the mood for a violent, tense and generally hardcore prison drama, buy Oz on DVD.The SopranosEveryone knows about The Sopranos. Even if youve never seen an episode, you probably have a friend whos obsessed with it and owns the box set. This is great because it means you dont have to buy it yourself! The Sopranos is about a New Jersey family whose patriarch, Tony Soprano, is a powerful mobster. Like Oz, it premiered in the late 1990s and aired for six seasons. It is arguably the most popular original series ever aired on HBO and without a doubt the most series in cable television history.Throughout the series between scenes of brutal beating and murders viewers get to know Tony Soprano intimately though his sessions with his therapist. He constantly struggles to balance work and family. Its hard to describe just how epic this show is without giving away any vital pieces of the plot, but watching the twisted web of complex relationships develop from unexpected backstabbing, plot twists and power struggles is amazingly entertaining. Buy the boxed set, or at least season one. Disconnect you phone, call in sick to work, and pop in that first DVD. You wont regret it.Curb Your EnthusiasmThis series stars Seinfeld co-creator Larry David, who plays himself, and features a slew of celebrity cameos (including occasional appearances from the old Seinfeld crew). Guerilla style cameras follow Larry around as he attempts to go about his life as a retired writer and producer. Like Seinfeld, this show is about the awkward situations that life presents us on a daily basis. However, Curb takes it much further than Seinfeld ever did. And, since it airs on HBO, there are no holds barred in terms of profanity and adult content.This show is remarkably uncomfortable to watch. The characters improvise a lot of the dialogue, creating a tension that feels so real. If you enjoyed Seinfeld, you should absolutely check out Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you didnt like Seinfeld, you should still give this series a chance, as it has a completely different flavor.Band of BrothersBand of Brothers was a miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks after they collaborated on the critically acclaimed film Saving Private Ryan in 1998. Based on a book by Stephen Ambrose, this series revolves around the trials and tribulations of Easy Company, a World War II Army infantry regiment. From training to combat, viewers follow their journey through the war. The show was based on true events, but it takes a lot of liberty in portraying them.This series received a lot of attention and was generally regarded as one of the best World War II depictions on television. Its up there with Saving Private Ryan and is definitely worth checking out. You can get Band of Brothers on DVD and Blu-ray.EntourageEntourage is my personal favorite HBO series of all time. It is about an actor named Vincent Chase who moves from Brooklyn to Hollywood to pursue his dream and become a movie star. He brings with him his brother, Johnny Drama, and two friends, Eric and Turtle. Together, they form his entourage, and the group gets into all sorts of trouble in their romps along the west coast.With the help of his talented and borderline insane agent, Ari Gold, Chase rapidly emerges as a budding superstar and eventually receives offers to play in movies by James Cameron and Martin Scorsese. Although there is plenty of drama and episodes (or seasons) that end with cliff hangers, you can safely bet that each episode of Entourage will contain impossibly hot supermodels, crazy parties, plenty of booze, and ridiculously expensive cars. This is Sex and the City for men, and we love it. Do yourself a favor and buy every season of Entourage on DVD.