Best Grow Light For 8×8 grow Tent

8×8 grow tents ar very large. Grow up to 24 medium to large plants or 30 smaller plants in our 8x8 portable grow rooms. These monstrous grow tents will require a spare room or garage to be set-up in due to their large size. The 8x8 footprint of this these tents will need about four or so 600 watt or equivalent grow lights to fully cover the space. These easy-to-assemble grow tents are great for managing the growing environment, maintains any mess created from the grow process, and helps keep your plants free of any outside pests or contaminants from outside.. Anything larger than that would be a greenhouse. These grow houses are ideal for people who want to tender for many big plants. The grow tents are quite spacious and can fit many plants. You need to ensure you have ample space in your house or apartment if you are planning to use an 8×8 grow tent. These tents enable you to tend to large indoor plants. You can grow all sorts of plants in these grow tents.


LED, Light Emitting Diodes

LED lights have started leading the way with grow lighting. They are massively more efficient than HID, T5, and CFL lights. There are many brands that offer LED grow lights for growing cannabis, but most of them offer low standard lights that do not offer the right light spectrums for growing cannabis.

LED lighting can be very expensive, and it is a massive reason why growers tend to use other types of lighting. The running cost of these lights are very low compared to other grow lighting, so over time, your money will make its way back. But the initial investment can be huge!

To make sure you get the right kind of LED grow light for your cannabis grow, do some research! Ask around in the forum, and read some of our recommended LED guides. Only buy LED’s you know are going to be good for growing cannabis. The initial investment is high, you do not want to invest in the wrong kind of lighting.




High intensity discharge lighting is the most common form of grow lights. They have been used for many decades by growers, and will bring you huge flowers, and fast growing plants. The down side to these lights is the energy consumption, and the heat output.

In the summer months, or if you live in a warm climate, growing can be difficult under HID lights as temperatures rise. You will need powerful extraction and plenty of airflow to grow under HID lighting.

A 600w HID bulb can push out a massive 95,000 Lumens! You will also change the bulb from a MH bulb, during veg, to a HPS bulb during flower. This offers your plants the spectrum of light they prefer, during certain stages of growth.



CMH grow light are the same thing, by a different name. Ceramic Discharge Metal-halide and Ceramic Metal Halide. These lights are said to be up to 94% the same as daylight and are 10-20% more efficient than the traditional HID lights. The initial investment can be a little bit more than the standard HID lighting, but the energy savings will soon cover that cost, and the amount of heat produced is much less. This will make temperatures easier to manage.


How To Calculate The Wattage Of Light You Require

The wattage of light that you require for growing weed depends on two things:

1. How many plants you are growing- Each cannabis plant requires at least 1 square foot of space to grow in. This allows the plant room to grow to its full potential without being impeded by the plants around it.

2. The size of your grow space – For LED and HID grow lights, the minimum recommended wattage per square ft of space is 50w. It jumps to 150w for fluorescent lights.

Therefore, to calculate the wattage you require, you need to calculate the square foot of your grow space and multiply it by 50 ( the minimum recommended wattage per 1sq ft of grow space )

Example: My grow space is 2ft long and 3ft wide. Multiplying the length and width gives me  6 ( the square feet of my grow space ) I would then multiply this number by 50w to get 300w. Therefore, the minimum wattage I require for my grow space is 300w.

The following table shows how the wattage required increases with the size of your grow space.




Best Grow Light For 8×8 grow Tent





  • Eco Farm LED grow strips are specially desiged with Strip shape, can cover more area than normal led grow light. Full spectrum led grow light and designed for commerical horiculture.

  • Using high brightness led chip. Super bright led grow light, high PAR value, great for veg, flower, succulents, verbena plants, cannabis/marijuana, etc.

  • Easy Installation plant grow led light kit. It’s easy for you to finish your setup with the supplied fittings.

  • 100° clear lens to protect LED from moiture envioronment, long-term working. C-bracket, Adjustable Cable for mounting hardware.

  • Smart control, make your growing more convenient and easy.







  • CMH 630W Enclosed Reflector Grow Light kit w/ TWO 3100K Bulbs w/

  • A higher temperature creating light much closer to the sun’s. Being able to operate more efficiently at higher temperatures means a boost in performance

  • TWO bulbs (3100k bulb) provides the full light spectrum, so it can be used for both veg and bloom stages.

  • Lumen: 120v/240v: 33000 lumen and ETL Listed replace 1000w hps lamp kit

  • Degradation time: Standard MH bulbs have a lifetime of around 10,000 Hours. Which is less than 50% of the 24,000 Hours that CMH are rated for







  • Double-ended system delivers higher PAR value with incredible uniformity Open design for maximum light output, optimum heat management, and longer lamp life

  • Highly efficient for overlapping footprints of multi-light configurations

  • Provides 35% more available energy than the standard high pressure sodium lamp

  • HIGH-TECH BALLAST: Cutting-edge adjustable ballast features advanced low frequency Square-Wave technology for high efficiency, reliability and no electromagnetic interference.

  • ULTRA-HIGH REFLECTIVITY RATING: Sturdy reflective hood is made of German aluminum rated at 98% reflectivity; the contour design and texturing eliminates hot spots and dead zones.

  • EFFICIENT, FULL-SPECTRUM LIGHT: Delivers a high PAR and more efficient spectrum for plants.



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