Best Grow Light For 10×10 grow Tent

The 10' x 10' grow tents will house up to 32 medium plants or about 24 or so if you want them to get bigger than normal. These monstrous grow tents will require an extra room or space in the garage to be set-up in since they are so big. The large size of this tet will require about four 1000 watt or equivalent grow lights. If you are trying to save a few bucks, you can also get by with using four 600 watt lights instead of the 1000 watt we recommend. Growing in a portable grow room allow growers to better manage heat and humidity in the growing environment, helps keep the grow space cleaner and doesn't require you to build out a room by scratch, saving you time and money.




The sea of green (SOG) is a high-volume cultivation style favoured by commercial cannabis growers. Essentially, all the available floor space is filled up with plants. Hydro growers typically pack systems to capacity. Soil/coco growers commonly use smaller 6l square containers to squeeze in as many plants as possible per square metre. Drip irrigation is preferred as watering large numbers of cannabis plants by hand is impractical and time-consuming.

With the exception of feminized autoflowering seeds, high-quality clones of photoperiod varieties are essential to a smooth-running SOG. Cuttings simplify feeding, ensure a uniform crop, and generally help achieve maximum yield—provided you’ve selected a winning mother plant.

A streamlined SOG can be low-maintenance with no plant training or pruning required. Vegetative growth is kept to the minimum. Adopting a 24-0 light cycle can make it as short as 1–2 weeks. Switching to a 12-12 cycle to induce bloom as soon as possible is the goal. This creates an even canopy of squat plants with few side branches. The best SOGs consistently provide quick-turnover harvests of short, fast-flowering plants with fat main colas.


Breaking the apical dominance of a cannabis plant diverts growth hormone to the secondary shoots. This changes the growth pattern of the plant and promotes a bushier profile. By cutting away the tip of the main stem, topping is accomplished. Bushy plants fill out lateral grow space better and are easier to keep in the sweet spot under your grow light than tall, spindly plants. Pruning the main stem causes the pair of branches on the nodes below to become two top colas.

Topping should be applied with sterile scissors during the vegetative growth stage as plants will need up to a week to completely recover. Flowering plants will not benefit from topping, and yields may suffer as a result. On the other hand, topping too soon will stress young plants and may stunt their growth.

It’s best to top cannabis plants sometime after they have developed 6 branches (3 sets) and before the first buds emerge. Photoperiod strains vegged for an extended period can be topped repeatedly. Home-growers popularised this practice to increase the number of top colas and to fill out larger grow spaces with fewer plants. Autoflowering plants can also benefit from early topping, but intensive pruning is discouraged.


Low stress training (LST) is the technique of choice for microgrowers and autoflower growers looking to boost yields. It’s also common with pro-growers, and deployed with great effect in combination with topping, fimming, and the ScrOG method.

Bending shoots and tying them to stakes, or pushing them down with gardening wire through holes in the lip of pots is all it takes to LST. Manipulating the main stem and branches during vegetative growth to create a bonsai plant, or flatten a sprawling canopy is the power of LST. There is no recovery time associated with LST, but as a hands-on technique, it has its limitations. You can only bend so many shoots. That being said, you only need 2–4 monster cannabis plants in 15l+ pots to get the most from one square metre indoors.


The screen of green method (ScrOG) is arguably the best way any grower can completely utilise a square metre of grow space. Adding a mesh grid or screen to fill up the grow-op with nothing but chunky top colas is grand-master-grower-level cultivation.

Top tier growers really can successfully bend, twist, and weave just one weed tree through a screen to fill the whole grow-op. Below the screen, through a combination of lollipopping and defoliation, the lower growth is stripped away. All plant energy and light are focussed on flowering a mass of budding tops. One or two cannabis plants in 25l+ containers scrogged can match the output per square metre of a 15-plant SOG.


Best Grow Light For 10×10 grow Tent






  • Full Spectrum:UV-IR, all useful wavelengths are included, ideal for all stages of plant growth;

  • Module design:204pcs 0.5w each bar, 4/6/8/10/12 bar lights, easy to assemble and disassemble;

  • Advanced LED drivers for higher performance;

  • Energy Saving over 40%;

  • Replaces HPS, Metal Halide and Florescent grow lights;

  • No Mercury, environment friendly;

  • Fanless design with aluminum heatsink, make sure no any noise to disturb others;

  • Waterproof design: suitable for big greenhouse moisture work environment;

  • Big Footprint: Suitable for scale use in greenhouse vegs / flowers / fruits;

  • Custom spectrum is acceptable / color boxes are acceptable with re-branded logo.

  • 2pcs UV Bars 365nm working together with each setup(Optional)


10 Breakthrough Advantages: 1.220-223lm/w High Brightness Chips~Up to 2.6-3.0umol/J~High Photon Efficiency; 2.98% Lighting Transmittance with Tempered Glass Lens, Average PPFD 15% Increased; 3.120 Degree Beam Structure.15% PPFD Increased by Lighting Second Use,PPFD 1Ft Up to 1958; 4.1w>2.2 grams(Max)~561C/301B 3000k+6500k White+660nm Red+IR 730nm~Truly Full Spectrum; 5.High Purity 6063 Aluminum~Great Heat Dissipation~40% E-Power Bill Saved; 6.No Noise Disturb!Full Waterproof Light(IP65 Cable+UL Driver(Inventronics and Meanwell); 7.Lighting Spread out evenly for all directions+Uniform Coverage+Biggest Footprint+High Yield; 8.Dimmable: 0-10v Auto/App/Wifi/Computer Remote Control Available; 9.2pcs UV Bar 365nm Combine Together with each Fixtures for Higher THC/CBD Intensity (Optional); 

10. All Chip in Parallel~Safe and Easy Repair~Broken Chip Never Effect other Chips Continue Working.






  • 600W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast: Support 120V/240V Input; Dimmable Options: 50%, 75%, 100%; 8 Feet heavy-duty power cord included; Stable power output ensure flicker free light

  • 1 x 600W Super HPS Bulb 2100K; 1 x 600W MH Bulb 6000K; Optimized spectrum and high PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) to promote healthy plant growth and soonest flourish

  • 1 x Pair of 8-ft adjustable Ratchet Clip Hanger Rope: hold up to 150 lbs; 24-hour Plug-in Mechanical Timer: 15 minutes increments

  • 6-inch Cool Tube Reflector with XL Wing: Up to 5' x 5' light coverage; Built-in 15 feet heavy duty lamp cord with E39 Ceramic Mogul Socket and standard Hydroponic S-Plug; highly 95% reflective textured German aluminum maximizes the light reflected to the plants

  • CAUTION: This system will generate too much heat to be used in an enclosed area without ventilation. Adequate ventilation is required for all Eco Farm grow light systems. We recommend the use of an Eco Farm inline fan





  • CMH 630W Open Adjust Reflector Grow Light Kit w/ TWO 3100K Bulbs w/

  • Two bulb (3100k bulb) provides the full light spectrum, so it can be used for both veg and bloom stages.

  • Lumen: 120v/240v: 33000 lumen and ETL Listed replace 1000w hps lamp kit

  • Degradation time: Standard MH bulbs have a lifetime of around 10,000 Hours. Which is less than 50% of the 24,000 Hours that CMH are rated for

  • A higher temperature creating light much closer to the sun’s. Being able to operate more efficiently at higher temperatures means a boost in performance

  • Low heat, close to the sun light, could replace traditional 600W 1000W grow light kit and 300w 600w 1000w grow light kit, the CMH fixture can be used as a primary veg light; a primary light for SOG applications; or a supplemental full spectrum light for large flowering operations.