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As expected, that went over like a led balloon because anything that includes the word 'consistent' also often includes things like 'boredom' and 'monotony' and 'slow to achieve noticeable results.' I still stick to my original premise that consistent exercise is the real key to fat loss (and, I should've added that a low calorie diet is another essential), but I wanted to take the fat-burning concept a bit further. It's true that there are no 'magic' fat burning exercises - but there is something you can do to enhance your body's fat burning potential and that is this: Work really hard. Intensity is the real game-changer when it comes to burning fat because, when you work hard (as in going to a place where you body fat solution can't breathe, can't think, can't stand it for more than few seconds at a time), your body responds by becoming something of a fat burning machine. As one study suggested, "...vigorous exercise favors negative energy and lipid balance to a greater extent than exercise of low to moderate intensity." Which is a fancy way of saying you can burn more fat. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work at a lower intensity, because long slow workouts are good for us, too. In fact, it's best to have a variety of intensities when planning out your cardio routine. And, keep in mind that working very hard is, well, hard and it puts you at risk for injury, which is why you shouldn't try it until you've been working out for awhile. Also, working very hard is uncomfortable, which is why you should consider short bursts of hard work rather than trying to go all out for an entire workout, which isn't a good idea. I talk about some of your hard-work options in my latest article, Best Fat Burning Exercises and, as always, I'd love to hear from you. How important is intensity in your workouts? Have you noticed better results from adding higher intensity exercises or activities? For more information, visit

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