Best beer in Kolkata

It's pretty sure that Kolkata has had its time to meet a beer soulmate's taste-buds. Even if you’re not really a hater of bottled beer, it does acquire rather boring, it’s the same selection every time, there’s very little that truly stands out . But with a lot of quirky and cozy pubs and resto-bars in this list, we can ultimately say our own City of Delight is generating up ground. There are a few places on everyone's radar that is their go-to location whenever you put one of the most important questions: where can we get the best beer in Kolkata? One of these areas is The Grid.

A brewery that would appease the toughest connoisseur. From unconventionally distinctive decor, their particular signature Lego Bar, the dim lights giving you a warm, cozy, comfortable feel, meals that very first wins your stomach, and then your heart, and more importantly, a comprehensive selection of Beers which includes something to supply no matter what you might be in the mood with regard to! A few of their extensively loved beers are Caldera, Piedmont & Eskar.

So, even though we may have been a bit behind in the game, with only a brief variety of bottled beers in shop for us, and also basically looked down when a friend from a diverse city boasted about the great breweries they have usage of, we now tend to be equally equipped with everything we would have liked and have gained the right to brag right back and we have a couple of options at hand when a good friend asks us to take them somewhere to find 'The best beer in Kolkata.’ After what feels like a very long time associated with depravation, we can lastly rejoice in the actual out of the planet taste regarding freshly brewed beer, raise the mugs and say Cheers!

It's safe to say that Kolkata has taken its time to satisfy a beer lover's taste-buds. Even if you’re not a hater of bottled beer, it does get rather monotonous, it’s the same selection every time, there’s not much that truly stands out . For more information please visit