Best Acoustic Guitar are those that do not rely on electronic amplification but use acoustic methods to make the sound, produced by its strings, audible. provides the following acoustic guitars:

The acoustic guitar starter pack for beginners: as the name suggests, this instrument is for the beginners that want to learn to play. The pack contains the kona acoustic guitar, a digital tuner, three picks, gig bag and a book with CD that contains the guitar basics. The guitar is a steel string guitar produced by Kona guitars that are known for offering something for everyone. It has a Linden back and sides.

The guitar has a spruce top to produce rich sound and digital tuners with LED readout to keep the tuning stable. The book and CD is a concise explanation of how should beginners start with playing the guitar. All in all, the guitar is a great product for beginners and could be termed the best acoustic guitar.

Steel string acoustic guitar: another of the amazing product the guitar is a full size guitar that can be used by beginners as well those that know something about guitars. The steel string option is considered the most versatile guitar with features like mahogany back and sides, solid spruce top, stainless diecast tuning pegs, mahogany neck with truss rod and rosewood fretwood and bridge.

The guitar can be termed as the backbone of bands that play country or bluegrass music. Along with that it is ideal to provide a background for a singer and complement music of all genres like country blues, new age, "unplugged rock" and jazz fusion. It provides a loud and bright ringing tone that can be easily picked by the listener. The steel string guitar is a combination of subtle mahogany back and sides to the bright solid spruce top which makes it the best acoustic guitar, hard to be put down.

Yamaha Gigmaker Standard Acoustic Package: Yamaha has earned a name for itself in the musical instrument industry with the affordable and fantastic products and the gigmaker package is an example of this. The instrument is affordable and produces great sound. It has features like an F325 spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, chrome tuners and meranti wood back and sides. Easy to play, the guitar produces exceptional tone quality.

The Yamaha gigmaker standard package has some additional accessories like an electronic tuner, a gig bag, a strap, extra set of strings, picks and an instructional DVD. With all these accessories, there is nothing else that is needed to start playing. The USP of the guitar is its easy playability and the name Yamaha.

The best acoustic guitars are good to learn chords, rhythms and picking patterns that are essential if one wants to play country, blues, folks or more. The above mentioned guitars are ideal for beginners and as they do not rely on electrical amplification for sound projection, they are the best to start with. The above mentioned guitars are the best for beginners and are provided by at affordable prices.