Cob LED grow lights are the latest trend for growing marijuana and weed indoors in recent times. These lights have completely replaced the traditional HID lights. Cob stands for chip on board grow lights, which are being deployed everywhere.

Cob lights have comparatively good electrical efficiency, lives long and good light quality. Growing your plants under the light of the best COB LED light ensures a perfect growth.

Plants require artificial light indoors to create minerals and nutrients that are important for their growth and development. Without harming your plants, they can grow the best way under these cob led grow lights. You will find many types of Cob grow lights available in the market.

Advantages of Cob Led for the cannabis plant growing

Now, we are going to see all the advantages of COB LED grow lights when it comes to the cannabis grow. Anyhow, since there are lots of different ways to analyze these advantages, we will simply list them for you to see. Let’s start.

  • The Heat The COB LED grow lights are not producing almost any heat and therefore, they don’t damage the plants. Other light systems are actually pretty much hot when they are on for more than one hour. But, with the COB LED grow lights that is not a case. You can literally touch them and nothing will happen.Also, since there will be no burning of the filament, COB LED grow lights are definitely the best solution and recommendable choice for cannabis growth. You can put LED lights 30-45 cm above the plants and they will work wonders.

  • The Color Spectrums Since all of the light spectrums are required to grow a healthy cannabis plant, COB LED grow lights are here to provide that. We all know that light spectrum that cannabis plant requires goes from blue to red, therefore, COB LED grow lights are delivering something in between that, a mixture of blue and red, which is almost perfect for cannabis growth.If you want your plant to be healthy and to grow big, it is highly recommendable to get the COB LED grow lights, since you can’t go wrong with them.

  • Durability The COB LED grow lights are pretty durable and they last for a longer period of time than regular lights. This is because of their special design and quality of the materials that they are made of. Anyhow, COB LED grow lights are able to last more than 55.000 hours, which makes them pretty long-lasting.With this much life time, you won’t need any substitutes or secondary lights for your healthy cannabis growth.

Best 600W COB Led grow light





And now, the time comes to review one of the top-notch COB LED Grow light which is available in the market and currently rocking on the floor.

This COB LED Grow Light nowadays become a point of discussion in various forums and between professional growers.

So, now let’s move forward to our one of the Best COB LED Grow Light Review and explore all the good about it.

Same as its both twin sisters this Grow Light has similar body structure and stability of working.

The only difference in this grow light is that it has more ability to perform better than both the grow lights that are being reviewed already.

This grow light produces 12 band spectrum light with UV and IR. The spectrum that’s being covered by this grow light is ranging between 380nm – 760nm.This grow light comes with two dimmers where you can dim this light from 0% to 100%.

At less energy consumption this grow light produces the brightest light possible. Brightness generated by this grow light is 15-30% more than all other normal LED grow lights.

A highly effective working rate of LED Drivers makes this grow light reliable for the long run too.

This X series of eco farm is one of the advanced levels of grow light that is available on the market.

It helps your plants to provide you with heavier yields at the time of harvesting. This grow light works at its best during bloom phase of your plants.

This grow light comes in the dimensions of 20.1” x 11.8” x 2.4”. And it weighs around 13.2 pounds.

With above-mentioned dimensions, this grow lights covers around 5’ x 5’ grow tent from the height of 24”.

This grow light is designed with 96 LEDs of 5W each and 2 COBs of 100W each. Combination of this power pack makes this grow light one of its own kind.

This COB Grow Light by ECO FARM produces 600W HID Equivalent light while it only consumes 420 ± 10W of electricity for its operation with 100% brightness. And, during vegetation phase this power draw can be reduced up to 220W.

ECO FARM offers an incredible warranty period for this beautiful grow light.


  • Full spectrum light

  • Marvelous pink spectrum for Bloom phase.

  • Value for money product.

  • Extreme Brightness

  • User-Friendly Design

  • Less Power Consumption

  • Heavier Yields.


  • Extreme Bright (Can’t be stared directly)



Niello 600W COB LED Grow Light - Best for Cannabis



The LED grow light industry keeps releasing new grow lights that make growers happy and boost yields. This is one such light. With a spectral range of 380-780 nanometres, it is perfect for all types of indoor plants at all growth stages. It features three reflective cups – each with a unique design for improved light-gathering effect – that deliver a high lux and PAR value. The grow light replaces a 600W metal halide or high pressure sodium light while using less electricity and providing higher-quality light. HID lights (MH and HPS) require 600 watts to produce 600 lumens, but this light only needs 210W to deliver 600 lumens. The light features powerful 200W COB Bridgelux and Epileds LEDs with a CCT of 3000K. Weighing only 4.85lbs, it’s lightweight and easy to install. It provides a maximum coverage of 5 by 4ft at a height of 24”. 3 fans and a built-in aluminum heat sink provide high-speed heat dissipation without creating an irritating noise. Pros

  • High Lux and PAR value because of the reflective cup and lens

  • Increased light uniformity

  • Full light spectrum for all growth stages


  • Extremely bright

  • Not waterproof

  • Newst Full Spectrum Grow Lights: Niello COB D-series grow light, Equiped with 3*3000K COBs,which are specially developed for plants, Spectral experimental test range is 380nm~780nm, Ideal for all kinds of indoor plants veg and flower at all growth stages. Better than traditional red and blue growth lights,This grow light produce the most efficient wavelengths of light to produce peak plant photosynthesis, Make your plants healthier and happier.

  • Higher PAR Value and Energy Saving: Patented unique design of reflective cup and lens for higher light-gathering effect. High PAR value and Lux value than normal led grow light, reducing light and Par value loss. Ensure the utilization of light up to 98%.That make this growing light achieved the balance between efficient utilization and energy-saving.

  • COB Packing Technology: This LED grow lights with the COB packing technology being used, led plant grow light source can save about 30% cost in the application, which is great significance for applications and promotion of semiconductor lighting. Grow lights use a glass lens, protect the COB dustproof and not get wet, make the chips a longer lifetime.

  • High-Speed Heat Dissipation&quiet operation: COB LED grow light with 3 high speed cooling fans design, a big air-flow cooling window on the back, Built-in aluminium heat-sink, excellent-speed heat dissipation, It does not produce any noise and is suitable for indoor quiet environments.

  • Worry-Free Warranty: All Niello led grow lights have been tested and passed US authoritative ETL certification. 2 Years Warranty Plus 60 Days Money Back Guarantee, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Any questions,we would provide professional guidance to help your plants grow better








If you’re looking for a COB LED grow light that lets you control the intensity of light, this could be a great option – and it’s super energy-efficient.

There are a few good reasons why this Morsen COB LED light is so popular and gets great reviews. Plenty of other lights exist that are similar, but this one in particular is one of the most energy-efficient options available. The bright, intense lights offer a wide spectrum of light, but it goes easy on green light, so you may need a green screen for your plants. You also get 600 watts, but the energy used is only about 96W.

Most COB LED grow lights include on-board fans, but many of them can be noisy. The ones on this unit are quiet and work well to keep the temperature down. The size of this light is big enough to light a 4-by-4-foot area or tent, which gives you plenty of room to grow your plants. The lifespan of this dual array grow light is about 50,000 hours.

One of the best features of this Morsen grow light is the optional on/off switches. You can have both lights on, or turn off one side or the other. This will reduce the intensity when you’re sprouting seeds, or growing plants that don’t need too much simulated sun. The biggest issue has been reports of defective chips, but customer support is helpful and will send replacements – the warranty is three years.

  • Wattage: 600W

  • Actual power: 96W

  • Dimensions: 14 L x 9.5 H x 5.25 D inches

  • Weight: 5.2 lbs.

  • Input voltage: AC85 – 265V

  • Frequency: 50 – 60Hz

  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours


  • Quiet fans

  • Reflectors to direct light

  • On/off switches for less light

  • High wattage/low energy

  • Affordable


  • A few reports of defective units