Bergdahl Mostly Seen As Traitor - The Newnan Times-herald

We do not know all of the facts of the Bergdahl case, said Newnan photographer Bob Shapiro, who served in the military during the Vietnam War. I feel sure there is a much deeper story here. Shapiro said Bergdahl may be mentally unstable, and he acknowledged the Idaho native could be a deserter. Whatever the case, he is now in the U.S., and the military will deal with him through its own court system, he said. As for the terrorists, they may just quietly disappear, Shapiro said. Mike McGuffey, who served in Afghanistan, agreed Bergdahls case is murky, but he was less optimistic about the five Taliban leaders. Im not too sure on Bergdahl, McGuffey said, noting the story is still unfolding. Still, Bergdahl is worthless for walking away from his post and leaving his fellow soldiers, he added.