being anemic

I never thought being anemic would have such a major impact on my life. Sometimes it gets so bad for me and i feel depressed and cry and no one really understands what im going through, I have no one to talk to that understands. I went through 6 pregancies 2 which i miscarried but with my last two children it really put a toll on me I almost needed a blood transfusion with one of my sons it took the doctors along time to stop my bleeding and with my last child I had placenta prèvia which causes me to bleed a lot like i was miscarring so i was placed on bed rest for 5 months but i still bleed so i had to have an emergency c-section this all has put a lot on me and because of this i became anemic. Its hard all year around for me even the summer, I also experience shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigued, irregular heart beat, forgetfull, headaches and i have a small heater which i keep on right under constantly. It just gets so frustating at times and i know  no one really understands and everyone thinks im tripping.