Bedtime therapeutic massage easy to eliminate edema

1, soon after bathtub at night , sitting around the bed, open up arms , fingers the natural way shut together, surrounded through the ankle, together with the palm and thumb together graze calf and thigh, with the palm of leg warming.
two, once the fingers graze legs, reach the knee, outstretch thumb to press against the inside with the knee joint pressure the points, and slowly pressed deeply, to ensure that accumulate within the lymph nodes with the previous waste decomposition, and together the lymphatic movement.
3, palms keeping the soles on the feet, from the top to down, along the phalanges of your toes down, with all the thumb urgent and graze the area amongst the phalanges.
4, a single hand leaning around the soles of your ft, another hand using the index finger using the thumb keeping the large toe, in the within out and carefully rotate the toe joints.
5, slightly raise foot, hand holding part of the toes carefully upwards to swing back and toe joints 5 instances each and every.
6, stretch out appropriate foot, open palms, in the ankle, right hand with all the palm up alternately graze calf.
seven, arms surround leg, thumb spot on the calf, use pulp to encourage the calf muscle mass to attain the place in the calf, pulp carefully pressure tap promote blood.
eight,therapeutic massage lateral leg in the similar way , remaining and ideal thumb urgent in the calf location, open up up the meridians, crushing waste and toxins, and then massage thigh.
nine, beginning from the leading from the knee, hands clinging towards the thigh, the thumb place 1 following the higher thigh, still left to correct thumb, correct thumb towards the still left, with two fully opposite power pushing muscles.
ten, using the hand holding the reduce legs, fingers close together and somewhat bent, in the ankles up, facet by aspect with all the heel of the hand pulp push complete leg massage.
Acupressure consideration complications
1, make full preparations before the massage. For instance trim nails, wash arms, remove the ring and so on.
two, therapeutic massage is finest completed directly on the pores and skin, such as the open air over the chilly, can also be carried out through clothing, and hold warm.
3, affected by inner organs ailments, most cancers, an infection, purulent illnesses, for instance burns, burns, skin diseases, varicose veins or thrombophlebitis, tuberculous arthritis as well as other ailments of weight problems should not be employed massage to lose excess weight. Students who endure from bone samples, hyperplasia internet site can also massage.
4, self-massage lies persist, you will get up each day and when sleeping as soon as each and every. Beginning therapeutic massage to shed excess weight, there might be body aches, but as long as stick to it, a sense of pain will vanish.
5, for instance palpitation, nausea, and ecchymosis bruising and other signs need to instantly quit the massage, rest a few times, in lowering the intensity, appropriate therapeutic massage before continuing.