Bedbugs, NO Dryer, kids involved, Help?!?!?

I agree that an exterminator is the best approach. A company like Terminix will do a free in-home inspection that can give you an idea of cost (phone 1.877.291.4849). However, if you can't afford this approach, I'd knock down or reduce the population by: 1. Making your own bed bug trap. This will help draw the bed bugs away from the bed. Instructions in 1st resource. You can buy traps for each bed leg for a total of around $20. You can also place small tins with mineral oil under each bed leg. Paste a paper ramp onto the outside so bed bugs can climb up the outside of the tin and then fall in.
2. Washing alone is not enough, but it is going to have to be good enough given that you don't have a clothes dryer.
3. If you have a hand steamer, go along all the seams and tufts of the bed. Hold the steamer in place a few seconds before moving on to the next area. This will generate enough heat.
4. Use a vacuum and the crevice tool to suck up any bed bugs. If you see the tiny white eggs, pick them up with packing tape and dispose.
5. Place items that you can in the freezer for 5 days. This will kill all bed bugs and eggs. In fact, if you wash the sheets, then place into the freezer after they dry, this will do the trick. If it is freezing outside, leaving the mattress, box spring, bed frame outside for 5+ days will also help.
6. You hair dryer is another good source of heat. Hold the hair dryer on high heat, low air for 30 seconds on each portion of the mattress (along seams, buttons, and label), box spring, bed frame and inside/outside of all furniture near the bed.
7. Pull the bed at least 6 inches from the wall and furniture, do not let blankets touch the floor.
8. Vinyl bed covers, unless bed bug rated will not work. You can buy inexpensive bed bug covers for the mattress, box spring and pillow case at century 21 department store for about $25 each if you can afford it. You can also call your local health department, they may be able to provide some assistance.