Beauty Of Never Giving Up

How great and amazing is the power of never giving up.
It's a wave of pure spite and love for yourself.
You are keeping yourself safe. You are you own guardian. Nothing can sweep you off your feet.And even if things are hard as hell and painful to bare, you get up right away and fight for the life itself, at any moment, because there is no force to stop and contain the goodness that won't succumb to evil.
Bullies, unhumanity, evil, bad, wrong, foul, agressive, hypocrites - they're nothing. Just a powerless scum  that are homo sapiens' only biologicaly, but in any oher way, they are unnatural insignificant group of molecules that can't actually hurt you or cause you pain, because only goodness, humanity, nature and kindness have real power and strenght.
The beauty is in you and nothing can take it away from there.