Barry White Talks Making Love!

" Barry White is the one artist who actually was in your bedroom with you at your most sacred sensuous moment of your life," says the man himself in this previously unheard interview, brought to you by this installment of PBS Digital Studios' Blank on Blank. In this segment, White shares what he sees as the connection between love and music. Boom chicka bow wow. Created by former TV producer and print journalist David Gerlach, and brought to you by PBS Digital Studios, Blank on Blank brings back to life riveting stories from American newsmakers online dating on unheard interview tapes that might otherwise be lost forever. This particular interview is part of the Joe Smith Collection, which contains over 225 recordings of noted artists and executives, donated to the National Library of Congress in 2012. Watch the five-minute clip below. What music do you listen to when doing the no pants dance? Full story: