Banking Around The World - Learn Even more Here - If someone is looking hard enough for you, they are going to check the ATMs close to your home and work place. If someone recognizes your picture on camera, its easy to track back to the transaction time and amount.I clicked on a website gloating that it had a program that would eliminate your mortgage in under a year. Wow! A 30-year home loan eliminated in one year. Sounds great; you're in, right? Not so fast. When I subscribed to a mailer to get more information, I received a very cryptic message that said the program was currently put on hold because the US patriot act makes it impossible to proceed with the necessary offshore banking transactions, which were necessary to make the process a success. Now, I'm not sure what all this means, but I do know I don't want someone sending my mortgage payments to some offshore bank account. This sounds like something straight from a John Grisham novel.The idea is that you come forward voluntarily and disclose everything that you had previously hidden. Pay all of the taxes you owe for the unreported income for 2003 to 2008. Pay 20% of the tax as an additional penalty. Pay interest on the tax and that penalty. Then, pay a penalty based on the highest value of your hidden offshore banks in the last 6 years. That penalty is either 20% or 5% (if you qualify).Do not over use scare tactics. Words of warning that are over used will fall on deaf ears. You do not want your advice to be interpreted as lack of confidence, paranoia, or even make a child wonder aloud "How dumb do you think I am?". The goal is not to make your child fearful. The goal is to apprise them of potential dangers, to help them problem solve when the time comes.There could be some small iota of truth to Snipes saying Kenneth Starr is lying about telling him to pay his taxes, if not for something Snipes himself did. For a man who insists he didn't know he was doing anything wrong, then why did Snipes hide the almost $3 million he was supposed to pay the IRS in taxes in - informational plans - and sham companies.? Only a guilty man tries to cover up after himself and Snipes certainly ran around doing a lot of "covering up" for a man who didn't know what he was doing was wrong. And that's the action that's going to burn him.Protection of assets - For individuals living in areas that are not economically stable, it can be risky to keep assets within the country. However, it is true that banks can be liquidated in rather stable countries, but the odds are less. When placing money within a stable economy, it is less likely that a bank is going to go under. If the economy does go under, the money can be moved to another account in another country.back taxes owed, program allows, fewer taxes