baking friday. update on my mom's surgery. She had successful surgery today.

My mom had successful surgery today, and is in recovery, and resting. :) Thank you angel friends, so very much, for all of your wonderful well wishes, and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. :) It's been such a trying, challenging, and emotional time for us, and your wonderful love, care, support, strength, and hope, has kept us going. :) Thank you for comforting us, and uplifting us. :) very special get well very soon wishes, for my mom and grandma :)
Today around 11am, my mom went in for her surgery. my dad and sister Lisa have been going back and forth from work/home to the hospital. my mom had gallbladder surgery today, they removed her gallbladder. my dad recieved a call from the doctor and the doctor mentioned, that they were worried that they may have lost the gallstone while removing her gallbladder. there was concern that the gallstone may have slipped, and that they may have to take her back into surgery. my dad went over to the hospital this afternoon with my sister Lisa, and my mom was back in her room resting. :) We're so happy, thankful, and relieved my mom is ok, and that she had a successful surgery. :) it's been such a very scary time for us, with my mom unwell, and we also heard yesterday evening, that my grandma was diagnosed with skin cancer. my grandma has been in contact with us, keeping us updated, the doctor's have mentioned that the skin cancer is very treatable. She's going to be getting a procedure done soon to remove the cancer. We've been banding together during this very difficult time, and your wonderful love, and strength you give us each day, is helping us through these times. You all are right here with us in spirit. i've been sharing with my mom, and family all of your amazing love, and your heart-felt well wishes. We appreciate you all so very much. :) Thank you. :)
Kayla went to see her nana (my mom) today a couple times. :) my mom, and grandma have been on our minds often, and we're with them in spirit. :) keep strong together, keeping busy, chipping in, and helping out with things, here at home, has helped us also, with being able to cope during these rough times. We're gonna make it through this, one day at a time. :) We're so very much, looking forward to my mom returning home, and helping her as she heals, and also visiting my grandma soon. :) there's been so much going on, but we feel relief, knowing that with each day, will come healing. :) the healing journey has began, and just knowing you and your family's are here for us, and we're in your thoughts and prayers, it's so comforting, and uplifting. :) You all are a very special part of our family. :) with these times, you want to hold onto comfort, and things that uplift you, and you all, truly have been our comfort, and your amazing spirits, have kept us uplifted. :) we wish we could give you all a hug. :) our love is with you all right now hugging your hearts. :)
Helping around the house :) with my mom in the hospital, we all have been chipping in, helping around the house. :) it's felt so very different today and yesterday without my mom here. we miss her. when she comes home, we want to welcome her home to peaceful relaxation, so that she can rest. god bless her heart. my mom does so much, and with her not here, we've been doing chores she usually keeps on top of, and we want to help in any way we can now, as she recovers, and heals from her surgery. this morning, one of the first things i began to do, is get our hallway organized. i was washing clothes, i had the washer going, and i put some clothes out on our clothesline, and even ran the dryer earlier in the morning before it got too hot outside. The weather today, is very extremely dangerously hot. here in our state today, we have heat index of about 105 to 110 degrees. it's almost unbearable to go outside in this type of heat. it's truly the hottest day and hottest stretch of weather we've had in a long time.
it got up to 99 degrees here today. it was nice this morning, putting clothes out on the line, i was thinking of my mom. :) She loves to put clothes out on the line too, and while i was, i was thinking back to when i was a kid, and would come outside with my mom and she would put clothes on the line, and i could feel her spirit with me as i was putting clothes on the line. :) When she called me before her surgery today, i said, "mom, i'm doing the laundry! i even put clothes out on the line!" :) She was so proud. :) i also did some cleaning in our kitchen, i gave our entire cups/plates holder a nice washing. :) when my mom comes home, especially in the upcoming week, she's gonna be taking it easy a lot, as she recovers, and we all will be continuing to help out around the house, and even when my mom has helped, we want to make sure we continue to help, so that she doesn't do as much as she use too, we want her to rest more, and to enjoy peaceful relaxation. :) we're so very much, looking forward to welcoming my mom home. :)
Baking friday :)
Today, we dedicate our baking friday adventure, to 2 very special people in our lives, my dear, and lovely mom and grandma. :)
"ice cream! we having ice cream!" :) -my little nieces Kayla and Taylynn said that today, during baking friday. :)
baking friday! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) awww! :) Today, we had a light baking friday adventure. :) It's our favorite tradition, and today, with the weather so very hot, we decided to have some light baking, and also treated ourselve to some nice treats, ice cream, and also lemonade. :) we sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone. :) keeping with the tradition, a wonderfully wholesome tradition, today my little nieces Kayla, Taylynn, and i baked ice cream cone cupcakes, and made homemade lemonade. :) we have a very special shoutout, and thank you, for my sister Lisa. :) Today, she went to the grocery store and picked up baking friday supplies. :) it's so nice, and sweet of her. :) Thank you Lisa, so very much! :)
Kayla drew, and colored these wonderful pictures, of an ice cream truck with kids gathering around the truck to buy ice cream, and she also drew and colored some pictures of ice cream cones. :) awww! :) i decorated our kitchen around mid-morning, it's always fun setting up and decorating the kitchen for our super fun adventure. :) Today, we baked homemade cupcakes. :) we had lots of flour and sugar, and i thought it would be nice, to use those supplies to bake some homemade cake mix for the adventure today. :) Kayla and Taylynn are such great helpers in the kitchen. :) They were gathering the ingredients, and adding the ingredients to the bowl. :) We have a sweet tradition each summer, we love to put the cake mix into ice cream cones, and we bake the cones in the oven. :) we light baked the cone with the cake mix, it didn't get too warm in the kitchen, which was nice. :)
Something we tried for the first time today, was making some homemade lemonade. :) i found a recipe online. :) we were very excited about trying the recipe. :) we used 4 lemons to make the homemade lemonade. :)
The first we did, was we added 1 cup of water to a cooking pot, and then added in 1 and 3/4th cup sugar, and let it boil on the stove. :) as it was boiling, we then began to squeeze the lemonades! :) it was a baking friday first for us. :) we were sharing some smiles. :) it was so nice, being in the kitchen, baking. :) We had my mom and grandma on our minds a lot today, and they were both right there with us in spirit as we made goodies. :) i cut some lemon slices to add to the pitcher, and we also squeezed about 1 cup of lemon juice. :) our entire kitchen smelled like lemons! :) hehe! :) once the water and sugar had boiled together to make a nice syrup, we then let it cool, and poured it into the pitcher with the lemon juice. :) we then added 7  more cups of cold water, and also about 8 slices of lemon, and then put the lemonade into the fridge to chill. :) about 30 minutes later, we tried the lemonade, oh my! oh my! :) it's delicious! :) i was so surprised at how delicious the lemonade came out. :) we'll definitely be making more lemonade soon. :) here's a link to the recipe we used to make the lemonade :)
the cupcakes finished baking, and while they were cooling down, we had an ice cream party in the kitchen! :) Lisa and Alyssa joined in on the baking friday fun with Kayla, Taylynn, and i. :) we got ice cream cones, opened up the vanilla ice cream, and we had all of our sprinkles. :) we were so happy, as we were enjoying the nice iced cold treat. :) my sister Lisa said, "this ice cream is perfect for hot day like today" :) We were enjoying our ice cream, and adding more and more sprinkles. :) it was so nice. :) we also made some homemade vanilla frosting, using confectionary sugar, half and half cream, and vanilla. :) We put the frosting on top of the cupcakes once they had cooled down, and added sprinkles. :) ice cream cone cupcakes. :) it was so nice baking today, we really needed to have a fun adventure, especially on a day like today, as we have our mom and grandma on our minds, and wishing them well. :) it was nice baking goodies, having ice cream, and lemonade. :) We wish you all could come over to enjoy some treats with us. :) Each friday, it's always a super fun adventure in the kitchen, with lots of great memories being made. :) baking friday! :) we love it!!! :) July 22nd, 2011. :) Happy baking friday everyone. :)
my family and i are keeping strong, and in good spirits, focused on wonderful healing positives. :) Thank you all so very much, for your wonderful support. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) You all keep us wonderfully comforted, and uplifted. :) We're so very happy, thankful, and blessed to have you all in our lives. :) You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers too. :) going into the weekend, we feel lots of wonderful relief, knowing my mom's healing journey has began, and also my grandma's healing journey is beginning too, and with each day, there will be more and more healing. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) We're gonna have a quiet peaceful weekend close to home. :) i will keep everyone updated on how my mom, and grandma are doing. :) i'm going to water our plants this evening. :) tomorrow i'm gonna write some cards, notes, and letters. :) my friend Holly is on a 2 day vacation, and is returning home late tonight. She and i are gonna watch tv tomorrow night, and tonight i'm gonna watch the movie Holly sent me. :) i'll make some popcorn, and have some lemonade. :) This weekend i'm also gonna take some new pictures of our plants to share with everyone, and next friday, we're planning a big lighthouse beach themed baking friday adventure. :) It's been a very trying, and challenging time, with my mom unwell, and my grandma being diagnosed with skin cancer, we're all a bit shaken, and off-balance with things, but we're keeping strong with you all, and we all will make it through this, one day at a time. :) Thank you all so very much, for always being here for us, and for helping us make it through these rough times. We appreciate everything. :) We hope everyone enjoys a wonderfully safe, fun, and peaceful weekend. :) We love you all so very much :)
-never lose hope
Happy baking friday!!! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) a sweet summer treats themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen! :) awww! :) Today, we dedicate our baking friday adventure to my dear, and lovely mom and grandma. :) We've been thinking of them often, and they were right there with us in spirit in the kitchen. :) with the very hot weather, today we made some summer themed treats. :) ice cream cone cupcakes, homemade lemonade, and also had some ice cream cones with sprinkles. :) We sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone. :) Thank you all so very much, for joining us in our kitchen each week and for welcoming us into your kitchens. :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's time to bake! bake! bake! :)

baking friday supplies. :) we have a very special shoutout, and thank you for my sister Lisa. :) She went to the grocery store this morning and picked up baking friday supplies. :) It's so nice, and sweet of her. :) Thank you Lisa, so very much! :) happy baking friday smiles :)

We bought 4 lemons today to make the homemade lemonade. :)

Ice cream truck! :) awww! :) Kayla drew, and colored a picture of an ice cream truck. :) She's so very wonderfully creative. :) She loves to draw and color. :)

our young artist, Taylynn! :) awww! :) Taylynn drew, and colored some pictures too, for our baking friday adventure. :) She's very creative also. :) She loves to watch Kayla draw, and it inspires her to draw. :) awww :)

Ice Cream Shop! :) we had our ice cream shop all set up and decorated in the kitchen! :) on this hot summer day, ice cream is such a nice treat. :) We had ice cream, cones, and sprinkles. :) come on over to the ice cream shop! :)

We had lots of sprinkles :)

This is a pre-baking friday picture. :) our kitchen was all set up, and decorated, and we were ready to bake! :)

best egg cracker in the world! :) aww! :) Kayla loves to crack open the eggs. :)

Kayla and Taylynn! :) they are great helpers! :) they love to help! :) Thank you Kayla and Taylynn, so very much for helping! :) uncle Chris is so very proud of you! :) baking friday! :) cool dudes! :)

we put the cake mix into the cones. :)

bake! bake! bake! :) calling all cookie monsters! :) we baking ice cream cone cupcakes! :) this is a picture of the ice cream cone cupcakes baking in the oven. :)

preparing the lemonade! :)
We put 1 cup of water, and 1 and 3/4th cup sugar into a cooking pot to boil. :)

squeezing the lemons! :) this was a baking friday first for us. :)

we had about a full cup of lemon juice. :)

slices of lemonade for the pitcher :)

adding the lemon juice. :)

ice cream party in the kitchen! :) we made ice cream cones with lots of sprinkles. :)




We got our picture taken with our ice cream cones. :) the baking friday trio! :) greetings, from our kitchen to yours. :) Happy baking friday smiles :)

Ice cream cone cupcakes. :) This is a picture of the ice cream cone cupcakes my little nieces Kayla, Taylynn, and i bake. :) we wish you all could come over and enjoy some baking friday goodies with us. :) we dedicate our baking friday adventure to my dear and lovely mom and grandma. :)

Lemonade. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i made homemade lemonade for the first time today. :) it came out great. :)

Here's another picture of the ice cream come cupcakes. :) baking friday :)

very hot and humid weather. it reached nearly 100 degrees here today. we're keeping cool, and well hydrated. i had 3 lemonades this afternoon. :) we're gonna spend a peaceful weekend close to home, and looking forward to lots of wonderful healing, for my mom, and grandma. :)