Back to face-to-face meetings

I was at my first face-to-face OA meeting in almost three months and they were delighted to have me back. Another thing I missed was listening to a Soul Show on the Radio at the way home.
I had a few hours to kill before the meeting after I bought Co-Codamol at the Chemist and buy Milk for Gran at the shop opposite, so I went to visit an OA Friend who I haven't met in a while. I also rang my sponsor about my toothache. He said place pepper on a breadcrumb and place it on the sore tooth. I tried that however it wouldn't stay on. Am I doing anything wrong?
I will get the new Glasses frames tomorrow. (they arrived this afternoon, however by the time I arrived back from Belfast it was too late to collect them) I'll also phone the dentist to see if they would refer me to the Oral Surgery clinic at Craigavon.
I'm glad the day went well.