Axis of Hope: A Prospective for Community Centeric Government for Iran & Other MENA Countries

In its halcyon days, Iran was a powerful empire that preserved Greek culture after the fall of Greece and paved the way for Renaissance advances in science, mathematics, and art. A new interpretation of Islam brought Iran’s Golden Age to a halt, and as the world around it advanced economically and culturally, the nation remained stagnant. Yet the entrepreneurial spirit that once made Iran great still exists, and a new model for democracy could help it to flourish.

Having spread across the globe over more than 200 years, the current model of three-branch democracy is now showing its flaws, which have made it susceptible to corruption by corporate power.

In Axis of Hope: a prospective for prosperity & growth in Iran & other MENA countries, Azari presents his model for a four-branch system that directs the wealth of Iran’s natural resources toward the development of community governments that serve their constituents well and the kind of entrepreneurial ventures that build strong, resilient economies. Not a prescription, but a powerful development tool designed to meet the needs of diverse communities, this invigorating nonfiction work can help Iran to regain its status as a free, vibrant, and economically powerful nation.