Awesome day!

Beautiful day here in Colorado. It was 60 degrees and no wind. Took Gracie (my wannabe Border Collie) for a walk to the park down the street. There weren't any kids their..much to Gracie's disappointment. I usually don't go there when there are a lot of people around...too much activity for me to handle. Gracie has to be petted by everyone who sees her and she adores the attention. I try very hard to show people that I am "normal." Boy...if they knew the song and dance going on in my head, they'd probably run. I always wonder if I'm walking in a straight line...and that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable in public. I know that I am, but my brain is trying to tell me to hang a right. It's hard to explain to most people..but meniere's buddies understand what I mean. Anyway..It's supposed to be nice again tomorrow, so I am going to attempt to drive myself throught town to get my blood work done. I don't dare drive on the I....far too busy for me to handle. I have my "back road" routes I know when the traffic is a little lighter. My husband got a job after being unemployed for 21 months, so I got used to him taking me to my appointments. His job takes him on the road for at least 2-3 nights a week and when he is in "town" that means he's within the 50 radius, so he can drive home after work. That has been quite an adjustment for me..but we're feeling blessed that he does have a job..and it, thus far, seems to be recession proof. It's time for me to take more leaps of faith and learn to be more dependent on myself...when it comes to going to the doctor n' stuff. The problem is..that they are not within my comfort zone. Anyway, for me..that walk is progress and I'll gain a bit more confidence with each passing day. It sure makes you feel like you've tackled the footstep at a time. least it does for me.