Autism Supplements - New Book Eliminates The Mysteries Of Using Autism Supplemetns And Vitamins.

Hi, I am Dr. Kurt Woeller, an autism treatment specialist with over a decade in experience helping parents with autism-spectrum children implement various nutritional and complementary medical treatments. One type of health support that is critical are nutritional supplements.I have a new book. It is called the Autism Supplements Guide. If you go to, click on "guide book", this link will take you to the specific page where this guide book can - - be accessed. This is a very detailed supplement guide book highlighting many different types of supplements which are effective as autism treatments. Not only will you be able to learn specific information about each supplement, but understand how it is used and dosed.The other unique thing about this guide book is that it is not just that I have broken things down into individual supplements - progenex lawsuit - and what they could be helpful for for example, with methyl B12 helping in the areas of attention and focusing. I have also created specific treatment categories that are easily cross-referenced. Okay, what does that means? Within this guide book you can reference disorders like constipation, hyperactivity, brain chemistry imbalances, as well attention and focusing issues, anxiety, irritability, aggressiveness and much more. Also, within these individual categories are various autism supplements that are very effective in helping bring balance back to the body and re-supply missing nutrients so often missing in autism-spectrum individuals. You can also go to the individual supplements themselves for example, something like 5HTP or magnesium and cross reference back to what type of treatment categories that supplement helps support.Another important area is tips on how to give your child supplements, how to get them to take supplements, different types of things that supplements can be mixed in to make them more palatable. For example, various vitamins or minerals may mixed better in pineapple juice or fresh mango juice versus being put straight in water or other juices. Also, what supplements can be mixed with others and which ones should be avoided together can be found here as well. So check it out. I think you will find this book extremely helpful.About the Author:http://www.AutismSupplementsCenter.comUsing autism supplements and autism vitamins in the treatment of autism can be very confusing and complicated. Dr. Woeller, an autism specialist physician with over a decade of clinical experience working with children on the autism-spectrum, has written a guide book to take away the mystery and confusion. In this Autism Supplements Guide Book, Dr. Woeller explains in great detail which autism supplements and vitamins should be used to treat specific ailments, why they work, and even offers suggested dosage guidelines. The book can also be cross referenced by the disorder you wish to treat, and offers the names of the autism supplements and vitamins