Australian Doctor Becomes Our Hero By Making Beer Healthier!

By: Tabitha Davis 02/22/14 Australian PhD Ben Desbrow, who shall hereafter be known as the hero, is an Associate Professor of Human Nutrition at Griffith University, whose work is focused on turning things like caffeineand beer into exercise aids. You read that right. While many diet fads and health magazines will say that caffeine and beer are among the things one must give up to really be healthy, the hero and his team are looking at things from a different angle. Desbrows main mission is to turn a drink like beer, which is the most highly consumed alcoholic beverage, into something that is good for you or at least not as bad for you. Dr. Ben Desbrow, Cheers to you (from Dr. Desbrows Twitter account) From our perspective its about exploring harm minimization approaches that may still allow people to potentially drink beer as a beverage, but lower the risks associated with the alcohol consumption and hopefully improve re-hydration potential, Desbrow told ABC in 2013. By infusing both regular beer and light beer with additional electrolytes the team hopes to create a gentle balance that will leave the beer with its original flavor, but will reduce the dehydration affect that leads to hangovers, keeping the body hydrated and healthy while not having to forego the spirit lifting effects of beer. During the study the light beer seemed to have the most significant effects, though it was only one third more hydrating than a regular light beer. With his main area of focus being the health of the human body, Desbrow has also combined his expertise in applied sports research and food-borne drug research to find the benefits in the worlds most widely consumed drug, caffeine. In the book Caffeine For Sports Performance, the hero, along with Louise Burke, Australian Sports Commissions Head of Sports Nutrition, and Lawrence Spriet, Human Health Professor at University of Guelph, the use of caffeine as a sports supplement is discussed. Were guessing this is where the beer research comes into play. pop over to this website

Indian doctor, convicted of sexually assaulting teen, loses latest bid to stay in Australia

Durani, 38, has been fighting to stay in Perth since he was released from jail after serving more than 18 months for sexually abusing a 19-year-old girl at Royal Perth Hospital in 2010. "He's utterly disappointed of course. He has been in detention now for nearly six months and at the time of the judgment obviously we expected a different decision," Shakur was quoted as saying in an ABC report. "We respect the decision. It's obviously appealable but it will depend on the counsel's advice," he said. His client who had a wife and young son, had an arguable case, he said. "We believe that the minister has made the errors. While we respect the judgment of his Honour today, as soon as we have the counsel advice and we have read the reasoning for the decision, we will be in a decision to take further steps," he said, adding "We have not been able to read the judgment as yet." Shakur said Durani was not yet facing deportation and would remain in detention until the appeal process is resolved. "If he doesn't appeal then he faces deportation under the law, but if he appeals against the decision he does not obviously," he said. "As we understand, appeals can take up to six months," Shakur said. Durani has 21 days to lodge an appeal. He had lost a bid to appeal against his conviction in 2012 and was fighting to stay back in the country. clicking here