Australia And Usa Collaborating On New Small-ship Radars

The ASMD ANZAC upgrade project is certified as reaching Initial Operational Capability, thanks to the installation on HMAS Perth and the ships re-acceptance into the fleet. visit site Work is underway on HMAS Arunta, and other ships will follow after that. Sources: ANAO Major Projects Report, 2013. ANZAC-ASMD IOC Nov 28/13: R&D. The Australian government announces an unspecified Standing Offer contract to CEA Technologies in resource Canberra, to help develop high powered Phased Array Radar technology (q.v. May 17/13) based on the CEAFAR radar. One reason is industrial: Senator Johnston said the CEAFAR radar is a focus of the phased array radar element of the High Frequency and Phased Array Radar Priority Industry Capability (PIC). The other reason involves projects that are coming up, including replacement frigates for the Adelaide and ANZAC classes. Improving CEAFARs power and scalability will keep it relevant, so that it remains a good choice for installation on ships built beyond 2020. Sources: Australia DoD, Minister for Defence Canberra based company awarded radar Max Workouts development contract. More: