August Ep650 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Incredible value for the price. Easy to pair to my iPhone 5s, easy to use buttons on right earpiece with a subtle flashing blue symbol once connected and switched on. The sound is awesome with good maximum volume level and a nice mix of treble and bass sounds. I'm really pleased with these and used them for the first time yesterday while I was cutting the grass with a petrol sit-on mower with my iPhone in the top pocket of my bodywarmer. The music in the headphones was much louder than the engine noise whereas with the old set of headphones I could hear more engine noise than music! Great to not have any wires dangling around and tugging on the headphones when they snag on something, like my old headphones used to. simple button on side of right earpiece allows you to receive calls should one come in while you are listening to music, however I haven't used that function as yet, so don't know what the mic will be like and whether the person on the other end will be able to hear me properly...not tested that as yet. I tested the range of the signal by leaving my iPhone on the kitchen table and walking outside with the headphones on listening to music and got about 15 metres away before the signal started to break up, so pretty good I thought. Very comfortable to wear too with soft leather type pads. Really glad I've entered the world of Bluetooth technology.

- Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones – Listen to audio from smartphones and tablets
- Music, Volume and Calls control Buttons - Answer calls & control your music
- Battery: 3.7V/220mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery
- Compatibility with nearly all smart devices – including I-phone, android devices, laptops and tablets

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