Aug 27/12

It has been a rough weekend. Although I had more energy I still didn't get any exercise. I am so depressed! I have been eating lots of veggies which might be the reason I have a bit more energy. I cooked all weekend so that I would have food for the week as I work every day except Wednesday. Tomorrow is my birthday. I know that I always get more depressed around my birthday. I am not sure why but I did read something years ago that explained it. It has to do with biorhythms. And I suppose the thought of getting older. And yet I have always thought of my birthday as the only day just for me! It won't be about me this year. I work 10:30 to 8:45 working on other people. Maybe a drink or two after but nothing too much as I have a Dr. appointment Wednesday. Then a massage and then Rosa's birthday party. She will be excited. The day just for her!
So back to no and researching a new computer. I have to pay off my Visa and pay down my other credit cards. Stop spending money. But the Jeep needs some work. A new computer....I must save money for my trip to Barbados! This is all so stressful! I need to work work work and try to lose weight and save money and it's all so depressing.