Atlanta Termite Control Company, Team Pest, Can Get You Ready For Termite Season

They are a silent enemy wreaking havoc on the hidden areas of your house like basements and crawl spaces. According to Atlanta pest control experts at Team Pest, termites only need an opening as tiny as 1/32nd of an inch to enable them to burrow through cracks in brick and cement. After they gain access, termites begin building mud tubes throughout cinder block, treated wood, or even metal. These tubes can run all the way into the upper floors of your home. Atlanta termite control specialists caution that in spring, termites swarm out of their colonies in order to reproduce, lay eggs, and form new colonies. Atlanta termite control experts at Team Pest are trained professionals that can provide essential preventative termite treatment to protect your home from serious damage. They assess your particular situation to advise the best treatment option using only top rated products in the Georgia pest control industry. "For houses in the southeast, unfortunately it is not a matter of 'if' an untreated home will be subject to subterranean termites, but 'when,'" says Brandon Pelfrey, Owner of Atlanta pest control company, Team Pest. "Regionally, this is a high-risk area due to our moderate temperatures and high humidity." Team Pest is an Atlanta termite control and pest removal company . They are trained to detect the slightest signs of termite infestation and can recommend the best treatment method for your particular pest problem. Team Pest USA is a BBB accredited company and rated a 5-Star Merchant on Kudzu. For more information about Atlanta termite control, please visit . About Team Pest USA: Family owned and operated locally, Team Pest USA has been Atlanta's leading pest control experts since 1971. Their commitment to providing industry-leading treatment methods and excellent customer service has gained them many loyal clients across their 40 years in the Atlanta pest control industry. Team Pest USA also offers wildlife removal and relocation in addition to pest control services. For more information, visit . For all media inquiries, please contact: Kristen Peters For the original version including more images or video, visit