Athletes Embracing "extreme" Exercise Trends

Then he lifted himself onto gymnastics rings. CrossFit is a wildly popular fitness regimen emphasizing strength and conditioning with a variety of exercises at high intensity. Gym co-owner and coach Brian Hyland explained, ""It's as hardcore as you wanna make it. A lot of what people see on TV and what gets out there about CrossFit tends to be more the extreme side of things." He's talking about the CrossFit games ... seen on ESPN and on YouTube... where athletes compete, pushing themselves to go harder, faster, stronger. Critics say that kind of mentality puts people at risk of injury. But Hyland says proper training and form can prevent that.

Baby boot camp! Dad copies daughters moves in cutest workout ever (VIDEO)

"I so have to try this. It's like yoga and a regular workout. Love it," wrote on commenter. RELATED: VIDEO: SQUIRREL TRIES TO BURY NUT IN DOG'S COAT Facebook And it's back to work! Fans of the baby yoga have gushed they've already shed weight following Lilly Ann's method.

Boot camp devotee weighs in on her new life

And its not just because shes constantly trying to keep up with the laundry from her 8-year-old twin daughters, Caitlin and Megan. If she doesnt, her closet will empty quickly. I dont have a very big wardrobe anymore, said Pron, a 42-year-old work-from-home medical biller who lives in Lake Villa. Ive donated all of my old clothes, and I dont visit the site want to spend a lot of money on new clothes when Im still changing so much. Pron has made a dramatic physical transformation over the last two years, and shes still very much a work in progress. Once 330 pounds, the 5-foot-7 Pron has dropped 148 pounds in the last two years, and has moved down a jeans size each month, by eating right and participating in a new and popular fitness regimen that seems to have struck a chord with women. Pron, who says she wants to drop another 27 pounds to get to her goal weight of 155 pounds, is a faithful member at Real Results Fitness in Grayslake, a small and locally owned gym that specializes in group boot camp classes. Bootcamp classes at Real Results, where I met Erin and have dropped 18 pounds myself since mid-September, incorporate not only intense cardio work, but also weightlifting and mobility exercises. The regimen, which can include pushups, pullups, chin-ups, burpees and situps, just to name a few favorites, is different every day and is designed to push everyone from beginners to even more advanced members outside of their comfort zones.