Asian Fusion Cuisines in Perth? Here’s The Restaurant You Should Come First

What’s more delectable than Sushi with some pickled ginger, soy sauce, and Wasabi?

The wanderings bring you to the food, and particularly the ones you yearn so long.

If you are passionately looking for Asian Fusion dishes in Perth, you should come to Poppo’s Restaurant someday and know what it’s like to experience Japanese and Korean culinary masterpieces.


Located on Barrack Street in Perth CBD, the Poppo’s have really got this charming effect on locals and outsiders alike. For someone querying what are the asian top restaurants in the region, the answers are unlikely to miss Poppo in their replies.

With an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 in Google reviews, the Poppo restaurant directly informs about its Daily Lunch Specials. Affordable, friendly and quick – most of the customers would describe Poppo’s with these three words.

If you barge into the menu card, the discernible category of Starters, Korean, and Japanese cuisines will come forth. While observing the wonderful menu card, you can also find the ambiance to be in a perfect mood to serve you.


From Prawn Tempura to Okonomiyaki and Bibimbap to Sashimi, the enlisted dishes are presented within a short period. Tasting flavors at one of the Asian best restaurants isn’t an experience you will easily find everywhere. Evidently, you can discover how benevolent customers have described their experiences about this restaurant on their respective reviews. Of course, a few disgruntled reviewers are always there, but in this case, they are a fair few, and probably disappointed due to mild reasons.

If you are someone who’s looking for scrumptious Asian fusion dishes (mainly Japanese and Korean) at cheap prices, this is the place you must visit. You can book a table online. Or, you can just make a call for reservations.