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Asia Cork Signed Strategic Agreement with Ferma Wood Flooring

Cork Inc. (OTCBB:AKRK) had signed a strategic agreement with Ferma
Wood Flooring recently for its exploitation of North American market.
According to the agreement, Asia Cork and Ferma agreed to establish a
new joint venture under the name of Elegant Cork in New Jersey. The
main purpose of this new company is to sell cork products manufactured
by Asia Cork, which will borne the brand name of Elegant Cork or
Green Cork while utilizing the existing distribution channel resources
of Ferma Wood Flooring. Asia Cork shall start building up an inventory
in the U.S. which shall include above 10 types of cork products and each
type not less than 30,000-50,000 SQFT in quantity in first half of 2011.
Upon estimation, the total annual sales of Elegant Cork shall be around
3 to 5 million dollars.

Mr. Chen Peng Cheng, the CEO of Asia Cork said, We have long planned to
enter into North American and other developed countries market to
further utilize our cost advantage. This agreement with Ferma Wood
Flooring provides us with a good chance to start the plan with. We are
also optimistic with the U.S. market demand, given the competitive high
quality and lower prices of our products compared to other similar
products in the market.

Mr. Sam Lu, the president of Ferma Wood Flooring said, Cork decoration
materials can be a very good functional - Brisbane Bamboo Flooring - decoration product for the U.S.
market as - Bamboo Flooring - it has many features that hardwood or bamboo floorings can not
achieve. It can be the best choice for the basement and storeroom, which
most of the U.S. families have in their houses, for its outstanding
anti-mould feature. We are confident to sell several hundred thousand
SQFT of these cork products every year, and we suppose the total sales
shall be moving up quickly if there can be sufficient and steady supply.

Asia Cork Inc. is the leading cork products manufacturer in Asia, the
business operation of which is mainly performed in China. Its major
products include cork floor and wall board, sheets, rolls and crafts
such as notepad and mouse pad, etc. It is listed on OTCBB with the
symbol AKRK. See more information on

Ferma Wood Flooring is well a renowned U.S. distributor of wood
decoration products. Their major goods include hardwood flooring, bamboo
flooring, laminated flooring, etc. Asia Corks products shall be their
first cork goods. Get more information on

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