As of Monday...Back to the Land of the Living!

Well, I had my very own Thanksgiving that began bright and early Saturday morning and continued through Sunday evening! I Thank God that...1.  DH had to take K2 to the groomer.2.  That DH had to run to the grocery store/do errands.3.  That there was football that began early Saturday morning and continued through the rest of the weekend.4.  That DH has many, many football friends that called continuously.5.  Did I mention FOOTBALL? Yes, I finally got peace and quiet over the rest of the weekend without him hounding me.  I was able to smile for at least a period of time until the true boredom set in.  There is only so much t.v. one can watch, magazines to read and even friends/family that you can talk to.  The boredom was almost intolerable!   I usually don't look forward to dropping DH off at the airport Monday morning but I jumped out of bed, okay, actually, I carefully got out of bed since DH was in the other room and would have heard my clomping and helped him get everything ready to go.  Of course he was questioning why I was being so agreeable this early in the morning but I kept up my charade until he closed the door of my car at Terminal 1 at LAX.  Wahooo!!!!  I was free…free at last!  I know this may sound stupid and a bit insane given traffic in Los Angeles on a Monday morning but K2 and I took a cruise.  Still in my pj’s but didn’t care because I was free!  DH called a number of times, leaving voice mail message inquiring as to where I was but told him later I was out walking K2 but did admit to singing “FREEDOM…FREEDOM!!!”  Lol All is good, nothing exciting to report but I do get a few twinges here and there.  Not sure if it means anything or if it is just psychosomatic.    I saw a couple more BFP’s which made me smile…  My beta isn't until the 24th but it certainly seems like its a month away and I am far from a patient person.   Hoping to have a great day and for a calm meeting this afternoon with an extremely difficult client. Ciao!