As Ferguson Riots Rage, Celebs Take To Twitter And Fan The Flames

With a statement which reads, You can always count on the right to show off its raging, uncontrolled self on Twitter, Salon goes on to list the offending tweets, that in their eyes, horrify everyone. Ted Nugent is first out of the blocks with, Darren Wilson did good. Michael Brown did bad. Justice is served. Closely followed by a patriotic John Nolte who claims, Everyday Americans serve justice in grand juries while elite media only serves up mob justice based on lies. Not missing the opportunity to use the Ferguson riots to have a dig at the liberal left, Laura Ingraham weighs in visit the site with, Hardcore leftists dont really give a rip about facts. Goal is and has always been to undermine civil society, stoke unrest, chaos. Meanwhile Melissa Clouthier keeps it simple by tweeting, Dear liberal media, you are the problem again. Before using the Ferguson riots to have a go at the president and announce that, Obama has made everything, including race relations, worse. Sickening. Elsewhere Briti Hume complains, Liberals pride themselves on their supposed adherence to facts, but cant accept them in Ferguson. The Daily Mail reported that, A jury of seven men and five women delivered the verdict that Wilson, a white officer, should not be indicted for shooting the black teen six times on August 9. Michael Browns mother collapsed in tears as the verdict was announced. LeBron James expressed his dismay at the Ferguson verdict by posting a poignant illustration of Michael Brown arm in arm with Trayvon Brown, and wrote, As a society how do we do better and stop things like this happening time after time!! Michael Rodriguez chose to let a picture do the talking and posted a snap of the rioters without any further comment. Full story: