Are you supposed to follow the inspector around during a home inspection?

I guess it would rely on the inspector. Some inspectors would not want you in their way of performing their job, asking queries of unrelated inspection things. You would have to ask yourself this query, Would you want an individual following you about creating certain you did your job adequately and possibly get in your way. - property inspection software reviews 2013 - The inspector you hired is a specialist and would not be licensed by the state if he/she was not certified. I would not want you following me around as I might finish a lot earlier, if no one particular was looking over my shoulder,and asking inquiries that may possibly not be what I am functioning on at the time. Commonly upon completion of the inspection, you are offered a copy of the written report.There are times when the inspector would be capable to sit down with you and go more than item by item as to what was inspected and the final results. If you - - want to be there through the inspection, would be fine. You could stroll about look at prospective factors you would change and possible paint samples and photos of the property you want to acquire. I hope this has been of some advantage to you, excellent luck. "FIGHT ON"