Are The Medications You Are On Be Making You Sick

Everyone knows that when you're sick you need to go to the doctors, and typically the doctor will wind up writing you a prescription for whatever it is that's making you sick. One more thing you'll find, in case you are like most of the people out there, you will just take the medicine because everybody believes that the doctor knows best. Because of all the side effects that are related to most medications, people should actually be asking their doctors loads of questions. As you continue to read, we will be explaining why medications aren't always your best choice when you are sick.For most conditions, your body can fight off diseases and illnesses if it's permitted to do so and when it has the correct nutrition in order to do this. You will find that there are plenty of fruits and veggies that are considered miracle foods as a result of the healing powers they've got. What you should realize is that that these fruits and veggies are actually offering your body what it needs so that it can fight off disease. For example items like garlic and propolis (harvested by bees) are two types of natural antibiotics that you can find, as opposed to taking chemical based antibiotics.One thing you will find is that the majority of of the prescription antibiotics that the majority of folks take, can end up causing unwanted side effects. You're going to discover that there's a lot of side effects which happen rather quickly for instance shortness of breath, hives, vaginal itching and also white patches on your tongue Although many of these side effects do not effect everybody who takes antibiotics, you'll discover that you never know when these unwanted side effects could strike you. Another thing you should know is that when you are taking prescription antibiotics, with time, your body will build up a resistance to the antibiotic and it'll also wind up compromising your immune system, causing you to get sick more often.This does not just go for antibiotics as almost every single medication that has ever been produced has unwanted side effects. A lot of drugs have even been shown to cause death in some men and women and the FDA winds up recalling the drug after a certain amount of people die. There is a medication where one of the side effects is suicide, and the worst part is that this medication is meant to deal with peoples depression. Although the feelings of suicide is the main side effect there are additional side effects that are included with this medication.Most medications have unwanted side effects, even though we have only touched on two of these kinds of medications here. A number of these other side effects of other medications are things like, stokes, blood clots, and also different kinds of cancers.