Are The Media Buying Into The Democrats income Inequality Push?

As the Post points out, Marco Rubio will give a speech today on proposed changes to anti-poverty programs, and Paul Ryan will discuss the issue with NBCs Brian Williams on Thursday. By the way, as Chris Cillizza points out, Between 2009 and early 2013, the share of Republicans who said the federal government should decrease spending to assist the unemployed has more than doubled from 26 to 56 percent, according to Pew. With an anemic recovery and so many people hurting, there is no shortage of angles. The New York Times finds a go!! new one: Persistent high unemployment among young people is adding up to $25 billion visit the website a year in uncollected taxes and, to a much smaller degree, increased safety net expenditures, a new report says. Obviously its news when a president and one party in Congress push a set of issues in a midterm election year. But since this debate takes the focus off ObamaCare, the question lingers: Are the media merely reporting this push or getting behind it? Media Felon Comes Clean This was an eye-opener on Mediaite : My given name is Zachary Hildreth, but most people in the media world know me as Jon Nicosia. Source