Are Pantyhose Required for a Formal Event

The old tradition dictated that pantyhose at a formal event were mannerly and in "good taste". This includes many Hollywood starlets who typically set the trends that American women follow. Many women use the men's look trend to avoid the extra fuss of dresses, heels and hose. This choice is not only acceptable, its the norm for many women who refuse to wear long gowns or cocktail dresses to formal events.Women on the west coast and in other mild parts of the country commonly attend social functions without wearing pantyhose -- even in the winter. As of 2010, it is not at all uncommon -- or in bad taste -- to be equally fierce and fabulous if you don't choose to wear a gown at all. This meant that regardless of what the lady was wearing, her wardrobe had to include a pair of hose. - evening dress promgirl - Further, women are also considered formally dressed in certain high-end pantsuits. You can opt for sheer colors or flesh tones, but by all means, do not go barefoot. "Black tie means glitter and glitz, evening/long dresses usually strappy or strapless with sheer hosiery and rich strappy, even Metallic sandals/pumps." - evening dresses promgirl - At the end of the day, experts agree and recommend that women wear some sort of leg covering or hosiery in a formal dinner-party or other formal setting -- even if choosing a fabulous pantsuit. those that match your skin tone as nearly as possible; and those, which match the color of your shoes -- not necessarily your dress. - promgirl formal dresses - . In addition to changes in the pantyhose, there have also been changes in acceptable formal attire for women overall.Bottom LineNew TrendsToday, wearing hose is optional in most other scenarios in which they were typically required; there is a choice between nude colors; i.e. It's just not good manners -- apparently.Not so long ago, there were very few options in the way of colors and textures, and almost all varieties of stockings (those requiring a garter) or pantyhose had a seam and a reinforced toe, making it ultra difficult to be sexy in a strappy sandal. If you don't see it on the red carpets, you may feel that it is not necessary for the "everyday" woman to wear pantyhose either.According to Ladies Home Journal, pantyhose were once required for a formal event with little to no exception. However, despite new trends for fabulous nudes by such designers as Donna Karen or DKNY, according to formal dress guidelines from Style Experts, Inc