Are Our Nuclear Power Plants Protected From Al Queda?

There are some places on the earth's surface where volcanic activity is high. Some of these volcanoes may still be active, some are not. In these places the heat of the earth's core is located nearer the surface. Ground water that is usually cold and liquid in most locations is exceptionally super hot and pressurized in volcanic areas If a hole is dug deep enough to reach these shallow zones of intense heat, steam goes violently up the hole and with such a terrific amount of force. If you have ever seen a volcano erupt, then you know the amount of energy that is found deep beneath the earth.The probability of cancer depends on the dose of radiation received. The purpose of this article is to describe effects associated with different doses. The unit of dose is Sievert (Sv). It is defined in terms of energy deposited in a body by penetrating radiation. As a - - , I was often exposed to penetrating radiation. Each time I carried a small dosimeter of one kind or another. Smaller doses are expressed in millisieverts (mSv). The old unit of dose, rem, is still widely used by doctors (1Sv=100 rem).In this case, one could ask; why hasn't anyone done this yet? Is it because the land near rivers is too valuable? No, I don't think so, that may be the case in some places, but certainly not all. Is it thought that that water doesn't move fast enough for there is not enough energy behind it? I doubt that because there is quite a bit of energy behind that tidal inlet waves, in some rivers it is incredible in fact. I'm not suggesting we do this where the tidal wave is not predominant, I'm suggesting we go to those places where it is a force to be reckoned with, and collect that energy and use it.Mr. Osama bin Laden, the leader of Al Queda is in hiding and afraid to come out, but at the same time he is threatening the United States of America, the greatest nation of the world and claiming he will bring it to its knees? Fat Chance indeed. Some believe in the intelligence community that he will be targeting nuclear power Plants? Big deal. Target what ever you want, as there is no bigger target in the World today than on the head of OBL. So, you ask; are our Nuclear Power Plants safe from Al Queda?Jim Higdon, in his report said Google has implemented solutions in the past when it constructed its datacenter in Oregon, more specifically between the cheap hydroelectric power generation made by the Grand Cooley Dam and the investment of Oregonian tax dollars which is a fiber-optic broadband infrastructure.The tale of Noah's ark is about confronting both our power and our limitations as individuals and as society. The story is true not because it ever happened, but because it keeps on happening.Man can look to the stars and dream big things and somethings are possible but not all things can be made to work. I would love to be able to teleport from one place to another. If it ever were possible I would never need a car to drive ever again.