Are Etfs Really The Best Investment For You?

Cementing growth: Investment strategies from South Africa

In 2009, stock markets were very uncertain. With companies like GE, there were fears that it may go bankrupt. Buying at that time wouldnt have made sense; or at least it would have been much more difficult to press that buy button. It all boils down to this: when stock markets are uncertain, advanced investors should hunt to buy great companies that are selling for massive discounts for no apparent reason, adding these to their portfolio at a discount. In 2009, we saw something like this happen.

PIC manages the pension of South African civil servants. With its stash of patient capital, PIC has set its eyes on sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). In 2010 wealth its mandate was changed to allow it invest 10 percent of its assets outside South Africa. It has invested $270m in Camac Energy and $250m in Ecobank, both companies are significantly exposed to Nigeria. More so, the government of South Africa, the ministry of finance to be specific, through its National Development Plan, is keen on making South Africa the hub for fund management in Africa. Hence PICs investment outlook beyond its domestic economy to other African markets, on the trail of MTN, Shoprite and Standard Bank. Another instructive thing about PIC is its focus on infrastructure investments within and outside South Africa.