Are Coal-fired Power Plants Affecting Your Drinking liquids?


All food processing facilities use water to prepare products in the manufacturing process and to clean and sanitize equipment. Whether it?s the boiler and closed loops inside, or the lift stations and waste water systems outside, all of the water used by food processing plants requires treatment for maximum efficiency and compliance.

AquaTrol?s Comprehensive Water Treatment Programs ? The boilers that are used in food processing to provide steam for the manufacturing process and the cooling towers and chillers that supply freezers need to be maintained well. AquaTrol has a full line of boiler and cooling tower treatments that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Bioremidiation with Momar?s Passage Product Line ? Food processing facilities must discharge water constantly throughout the day, usually in very high volumes. That water must be treated as it is released in order to meet permit requirements. The best products for these high-volume, low-retention time applications are Momar?s Passage products:

Passage Liquid? Highly effective bio-remediation, microbial inoculant for increasing efficiency and reducing problems caused by inhibitory organics. A 100% pure biological product containing no emulsifiers or surfactants. With a high bacteria count of 1.1 trillion CFU/gallon, Passage quickly digests fats, oils, greases, and other hydrocarbons. Passage is comprised of live vegetative microbes instead of spores, allowing it to work faster and more completely than indigenous or sporeginic microbes. It quickly reduces sludge, total suspended solids, homepage CODs, BODs, and hydrogen sulfide levels, helping food plants treat their discharge quickly and cost-effectively.

Passage Plus Powder? Similar to Passage Liquid, but boosted with additional strains to help attack stubborn wastes in large volume applications. With a high bacteria count of 2.4 trillion CFU/pound, Passage Plus Powder digests fats, oils, greases, and other hydrocarbons faster than comparable powdered alternatives.

Passage Blocks ? For 24/7 treatment of lift stations and sump areas, Passage Blocks are ideal. These blocks provide 90-days of gradual-release treatment. Passage Blocks are available in two different sizes: a 2 pound block with 9 trillion microbes and a 10 pound block with an astonishing 45 trillion microbes. Like Passage Liquid and Passage Plus Powder, Passage Blocks quickly digest fats, oils,grease, and other hydrocarbons while improving the overall health of the effluent. Use in large laterals, settling tanks, lift stations, grease traps, lagoons, oxidation ponds,aerobic digesters, and anaerobic digesters. These blocks eliminate the need for chemical metering pumps.