Are baby rockers harmful? | Answerbag

On One particular Hand: Rewards and FeaturesWhen used appropriately, infant rockers can provide a protected location to place youthful babies for short intervals of time. Several parents locate the gentle rocking motion soothes infants and aids them fall asleep. When picking an infant rocker, pick a sturdy model that offers very good stability and an adjustable safety harness.On the Other: Potential HazardsBabies who are not effectively secured making use of the presented safety restraint can fall out of the rocker. If an infant rocker is placed on a counter best or tall piece of furnishings, the baby's movement can trigger - kids learning activity - the whole rocker to fall. Newborns who invest too significantly time lying in the same place can encounter flattened head syndrome.Bottom LineBaby rockers are not hazardous when parents consider the needed - - security precautions. To avoid prospective injuries, always location rockers on the floor and by no means depart a child unsupervised in an infant rocker. Parents must often confirm that the product has not been recalled.Source:The Children's Hospital at Westmead: Safety Fact Sheet - Bouncers and RockersTexas Children's Pediatric Associates: Newborns: Flattened Head SyndromeFar more Data:Secure Kids Canada: How to Protect Your Little one From FallingTexas Children's Pediatric Associates: Baby Products and Supplies href='' - -