Apple Boosts Iwork For Icloud Collaboration Tools, More

here Frank Kern

This update comes with the ability to not only see who else is currently in a document, but also watch their cursor and selections. Want to catch up with another user's work? Click their name in the collaborator list to immediately jump to their cursor. Images and shapes animate when people move them around the document. Additional fan favorites like printing directly from the Tools menu and folders in which to organize files are now available.

Apple stack day five: iCloud, good up to a point

My iCloud items dont get automatically backed up by Time Machine although I can see from Apples community support forum this is just a matter of changing a setting. Ill fix that later. If you view iCloud simply as online storage, its not that good a deal. If you see it as a smart way of keeping important stuff in sync with some storage thrown in as part of the deal, its not so bad.